Learnship provides focused business language and cultural skills training that is tailored to the needs of learners, allowing them to improve communication, enhance intercultural understanding, and thrive in diverse working environments.

About Learnship

Learnship is a technology company focused on improving the way people learn the language and behavioral skills they need to thrive in intercultural working environments.

It has grown into the world’s largest digital business language and cultural skills provider. Learnships offer includes self-paced, trainer-lead and next-gen blended training - more than 1000 trainers teach in 14 languages.

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Your Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Focus on real-world business scenarios 
  • Flexible learning with a dedicated app, scheduled sessions with trainers worldwide or personalized virtual classroom 
  • Option for exams and certificates
  • Target Group

    All employees

  • Cost

    From 350 - 1,600 €. It depends on the offer you choose and the country you stay in.

  • Level

    A1 - C2 in 14 languages

  • Languages

    American and British English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese

  • Format

    - Virtual live sessions
    - E-Learning
    - Blended Learning

  • Access

    Booking via peoplenet or Learnship Landingpage

  • Platform

    Learnship virtual classroom or mobilie app "Reach"

  • Duration

    The duration differs depending on the offer.
    There is the possibility of an annual use of the app, a number of one-hour sessions or a program that stretches over a certain number of weeks.

  • Scope

    There are three different deployment models to choose from:
    - Elevate: Virtual face-to-face trainer-led training for individuals and groups at all language levels
    - Solo: Self-paced E-learning
    - Sprint: Blended learning courses on specific competencies

Main Focus

A lack of language skills and cultural intelligence hinders communication and creates tension. Learnship tackles this issue by providing:

  • Focus on the business, language and cultural skills that matter
  • Practical learning materials based on real-world business scenarios
  • A flexible approach to training delivery. Learners can choose between self-paced, trainer-led and next-generation blended courses

How you can register

You can register directly via the Learnship website.

For Employees from Germany, you can register via this website: Bertelsmann University (learnship.com)


How you will learn with Learnship

Registration process:

  • Register on the Learnship landing page and receive a link to the online placement area
  • Conduct a written and verbal assessment as well as a need analysis
  • Call to gather information about training opportunities
  • Approve the training with your supervisor (the supervisor will receive an email)
  • Book the course online after placement

Note: The invoice will be sent directly to the company address you provided when registering.