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Digital Game Changers

Leverage emerging digital trends for your business

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Max. 35 Teilnehmer:innen
Teilnehmer:innen zahlen Hotel- und Reisekosten
Teilnehmer:innen zahlen Hotel und Reisekosten
Date and location

Live Meeting in Berlin
Mai - Oktober 2022
4 virtuelle Sessions + Präsenzveranstaltung in Berlin

What you will learn

  • A varying selection of emerging digital trends (hand-picked + topic voting)​
  • Whether and under which circumstances these can be exploited for your organization and across Bertelsmann​

Who will benefit

Enthusiastic employees of all roles and backgrounds:​

  • In below-executive positions who strive to advance their product/business by staying on top of and making best use of emerging trends in Tech & Data
  • Who seek to understand the potential and implications of these trends ​
  • Who have the support and exposure to champion digital innovation

What you can expect

Multi-session virtual training + on-site get-together (depending on pandemic situation)​

  • Expert presentations and demos focusing on experiencing, trying out and challenging new digital trends​
  • Discussion and reflection on use cases and market implications​


Each cohort will be given the opportunity to vote a topic (out of three) for their final module. We are always happy to be pointed to additional trends of interest. Please reach out to your Program Director, Jennifer Meindel (, for further topic enquiries.

Upcoming topcis

Upcoming topics

  • Web3, NFTs and Metaverse 
  • Emotion AI
  • Emerging Platform Phenomena 

+ Top-vote topic

Choose from: 

  • Ethical AI
  • (Hyper) Personalization
  • No code / low code