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Solo: E-Learning for Business English „ONE Professional“

Work your way up the Business English scale

Deepen business language skills at your own pace to successfully master English

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Digitales LernformatDigitales Lernformat
Jede:r kann teilnehmenJede:r kann teilnehmen
350 €
The booked E-learning course is available for a year from time you receive your access data.

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This e-learning includes a personal training path with short, engaging modules easy to fit into your busy schedule. Improve your daily communication with 1000+ hours of businessrelevant learning activities or gain efficiency with email templates, industry word lists, and more tools, available on-the-go. Receive support from a learning specialist and enjoy participating in group sessions with other learners once a week where you can actively practice your lan-guage skills.

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This e-learning is available to all employees worldwide who would like to refresh and improve their English skills for the professional context or learn the English language from scratch for this purpose.

Das erwartet dich

• An online test to assess your current level of English proficiency

• Business-focused material and writing practice to get business-focused assignments corrected with style suggestions

• Digital learning platform to study wherever and whenever you want (self-paced and flexible)

• With support from a Learning Specialist (support in onboarding, in fixing learning goals, in maintaining motivation, can be contacted via chat, mail and telephone)

• With live group conversational classes (voluntary participation in weekly group conversa-tion with native speaker teachers in small groups of up to 8 people)