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Udacity Nanodegree: 6-Month “all-access” License

Learn the latest Tech-skills to advance your career

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for all Bertelsmann employees
1.350 €
6-month license

What you will learn

Udacity All-Access: you have the liberty to curate your learning experience by enrolling in multiple programs simultaneously, according to your interests. This enhanced flexibility allows you to explore a range of programs or switch to a different one if your current choice doesn't align with your training goals. It's all about empowering you to tailor your educational journey to best fit your personal and professional development needs. This flexibility enables you to explore various content pieces, discovering content that aligns with your interests and career objectives.

Who will benefit

All Bertelsmann employees who would like to gain exclusive access to Udacity's comprehensive All-Access library to expand their knowledge in the field of Tech&Data or Business.

What you can expect

Udacity All-Access include:

  • Discovery: involves short, thought-provoking content, ideal for gaining awareness in emerging tech fields.
  • Fluency: provides multi-lesson courses, offering deeper dives into topics for practical application and skill development.
  • Course/Nanodegree: integrates quizzes and hands-on exercises amidst short videos and expert interviews. You'll engage in real-world projects in partnership with leading companies, culminating in a capstone project that enhances your portfolio. Personalized mentoring and detailed feedback complement your journey, leading to an official Udacity Nanodegree certificate upon successful completion. A course typically is 1-2 months. A Nanodegree requires 3-4 months, but our six-month access permits exploration and mastery at your pace. This period accounts for the program's complexity and your prior knowledge. If you do all courses that belong into a full Nanodegree you will automatically receive a roll-up to the full Nanodegree certificate, which gives you higher flexibility.

You can access the content catalog HERE