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Future Workplace! Microsoft Office Tools – Online Course Collection

The digitalization offers many new tools and applications that can support employees in collaboration and teams and improve organizational productivity. Microsoft applications such as TEAMS, OneNote or SharePoint enable teams and departments to work together even in times of social distancing. Learn how to use Microsoft tools and learn how to work remotely and virtual from anywhere, on any device. 

What you learn


  • Microsoft Learning Website (latest updates on Microsoft Tools)
  • Starting with Microsoft 365 -  Learning Center
  • Micosoft Tools Quick Start


  • Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals: SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Teams 
  • Time Management Fundamentals with Microsoft Office
  • Office 365 New Features


  • Microsoft Teams Essential Training
  • Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks
  • Microsoft Teams Quick Tips


  • OneNote for Team Collaboration
  • OneNote 2016 Essential Training
  • Learning OneNote for the web (Office 365/Microsoft 365) 
  • OneNote Tips and Tricks
  • OneNote Quick Tips


  • Microsoft Planner Essential Training
  • Microsoft Planner Quick Tips


  • Learning SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Tips
  • SharePoint Quick Tips
  • SharePoint Online: Managing Documents
  • SharePoint Online: Managing Project Sites


  • Learning OneDrive
  • OneDrive for Business Essential Training
  • OneDrive Quick Tips

How you learn

Self-study video training, podcast