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Intercultural Training

Improve Your Global Relationships

Who should attend

  • Expats
  • Business traveler
  • International teams

What you learn

  • Including assessments (IPT®-Intercultural Preference Tool, TIS® -Test of Intercultural Sensitivity, I4ID®-Inventory for Intercultural Development)
  • What influence does culture have on everyday business?
  • How do I successfully communicate in an international context?
  • How do I interact correctly with people of different hierarchy levels?
  • What are expectations for deadlines and milestones?
  • How do I successfully resolve conflicts?
  • How do meetings or projects proceed?
  • Portraits of individual countries and their cultural characteristics in business life

How you learn

Self-paced e-learning including:

  • Interactive exercises
  • Case examples
  • Videos


  • E-learning conveys intercultural know-how for the entrepreneurial context
  • "Global Pioneer" developes basic knowledge of intercultural competence or the respective national culture and country-specific behavior
  • "Global Navigator" level presumes previous knowledge of users
  • Gain more in-depth knowledge and learn possible actions in dealing with international colleagues and partners