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Music & Audio – Online Course Collection

Who should attend

All employees who would like to learn more about music and audio.

What you learn

  • Fast Songwriting In Ableton Live with Isaac Cotec
  • Using the Axe-Fx with Cooper Carter
  • Synthesis and Sound Design 101 with James Patrick
  • EQ Master Class with Graham Cochrane
  • Flawless Vocals: Recording, Editing and Mixing with Kris Crummett
  • DIY Mastering with Jesse Cannon
  • Compression & Dynamics Master Class with Graham Cochrane
  • Intro to Apple Logic Pro with Travis Kasperbauer
  • Guitarist's Tech Workshop with Kurt Bloch & Ben Verellen
  • GearGods Presents: Mastering Metal Mixing: Fundamentals with Eyal Levi
  • Axe-Fx Master Class with Cooper Carter
  • Mixing Electronic Music in Ableton Live with Isaac Cotec
  • Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec
  • Digital Drums with EZDrummer with Eyal Levi
  • Music Theory for Electronic Musicians with J. Anthony Allen
  • Songwriting with EZDrummer 2 with Rikk Currence
  • Intro to Home Recording with Zach Varnell
  • Tracking & Mixing with Outboard Gear with Kris Crummett

How you learn

Self-study online classes with