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Post-Merger Integration Best Practices – Online Training


Who should attend

Employees who are involved in post-merger integration processes – ideally not only the project leadership team, but also functional specialists and other team members.

What you learn

This training was developed with M&A experts from different industry leading companies such as Stada, Qiagen, SAP, Daimler and Bertelsmann, represented by Jörn Caumanns (Head of M&A and CFO Bertelsmann Investments), and the well-known PMI expert Johannes Gerds. It takes the learner on a comprehensive journey through a broad range of PMI topics and areas and is divided into the following 5 modules: 

  • Module 1: Integration Framework
  • Module 2: Integration Management
  • Module 3: People Integration
  • Module 4: Functional Integration
  • Module 5: Business Integration

How you learn

Self-paced practical guideline including

  • Interactive exercises
  • Case examples
  • Lessons learned
  • Best practices


Participants will:

  • Acquire an expert’s perspective on a broad range of PMI topics and areas
  • Gain practical know-how 
  • Receive one-to-one feedback through optional self-check
  • Experience a self-paced learning practice