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Healthy Leadership - Strong Performance!


Who should attend

Leaders who want an initial overview of where the possibilities and limits of healthy leadership lie, and where they can systematically influence the well-being and productivity of their employees.

What you learn

In this e-learning course, you will learn:

  • How to do an excellent job while keeping an eye on your own health and that of your employees
  • Why health pays off for you both personally and economically
  • The considerable influence you as a manager have on your employees' well-being and productivity
  • Three key tools to help your employees stay healthy while lightening your own workload:
    • Cultivate healthy leadership behavior
    • Design framework conditions
    • Strengthen your own health
  • How you can fine-tune your own daily work routine to make it healthier, even in challenging times
  • How you can be a healthy role model without having to be an athlete or nutrition expert

How you learn

30-minute “online compact” session – everything you need to know about healthy leadership and its impact on business success.


  • 30-minute compact on “Healthy Leadership - Strong Performance”
  • Numerous tips that you can put into practice immediately
  • Useful checklists and guidelines you can use for specific occasions
  • Further information for all those who want a deeper dive
  • Summaries of findings from the latest research done by globally accredited sources
  • Created in cooperation with internal and external health experts