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Leadership & Management – Online Course Collection

Who should attend

Rethink traditional leadership and management approaches. Learn how to lead innovation, think and work strategically and master your communication skills with these online classes.

What you learn

  • Lessons on Leadership with Peter Voogd
  • Leadership Skills for New Managers with Cory Caprista
  • Storytelling for Leaders: How to Inspire Your Team with Cory Caprista
  • Leading Innovation with Shawn Hunter
  • Think and Work Strategically with Jason W. Womack
  • Coach Your Team To Success with Cory Caprista
  • Communicate Like a Boss with Dia Bondi
  • Communicate On Purpose with Dia Bondi
  • How to Give Impactful Feedback with Cory Caprista
  • Become an Indispensable Creative Collaborator with Shane Snow
  • Master Your People Skills with Vanessa Van Edwards
  • Heroic Public Speaking with Michael Port & Amy Port
  • Manage Stress Through Mindfulness with Rich Fernandez, Ph.D
  • How To Be An Awesome Boss with Justin Kerr

How you learn

Self-study online classes with