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Apply Now! – Application Phase for 'Udacity Technology Scholarship Program' Enters Final Stage

Only three days are left until November 6, 2019 which marks the application deadline for this year’s Udacity Technology Scholarship Program. The initiative is meant to support Bertelsmann employees in particular to actively develop skills that are critical for the digital transformation. The scholarship program offers courses in three main technologies: Data (“Data Track”), Cloud (“Cloud Track”) and Artificial Intelligence (“AI Track”). The success of the initiative is clearly demonstrated by the 40,000 applications submitted to this date by people from all over the world.

In comparison, Bertelsmann launched the Data Science Scholarship Initiative in 2018 to meet the need of upskilling tech competencies, About 32,000 applications were received for the Data Initiative - in which participants could engage intensively with Data as an emerging topic.

During the first phase, the learners received an intro to descriptive statistics, followed by the Udacity Nanodegrees “Data Foundations”, “Business Analyst” or “Data Analyst” for the best 1,500 graduates of the Challenge Course. 

The Data Scholarship program also produced a number of successful Bertelsmann graduates who experienced positive effects on their work life.

One of the graduates from the first round is Larissa Rangel, Sales Programmatic Manager at Groupe Cerise, Prisma Media. “Data is the subject of the future. Even though I don't work directly with Data Analysis in my current position, I am constantly facing issues related to Data in general”, she says, explaining her interest in the subject. The Udacity Data Scholarship Program enabled her to strengthen her data science skills: “I have grown my capabilities of solving internal problems and analyzing situations. It has also contributed to improve the quality of my reports and recommendations to the clients.”

Barbara Koskowitz, Digital Marketing and AdTech Manager at Prisma Media and also a first-round scholarship holder, found “starting over in a new discipline” particularly compelling. She was particularly impressed by the accessibility of the course: “Everyone can register, lessons are really built to be easy to follow whichever your level is in the field.”

After participating in the Data Scholarship initiative, Peter Lipp, Data Analytics Experts at Bertelsmann Printing Group became more visible within the company, being more eager to learn and to create things. In the video he talks about his experience: “I can only encourage participants to engage with the community, as this is so positive”.

Apply now on the Udacity landing page.

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