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Data Science as a Digital Skill of the Future – Excellent Reasons to Apply

The interest in the Data Science Scholarship Program for beginners and experts announced in January at the online education service provider Udacity is great: Many Bertelsmann employees have already applied for the program – but there is still a chance of a scholarship. Applications are welcome until April 22. In a short video, five colleagues, from companies including Prisma Media, BMG and Arvato, explain why they have already applied for the scholarship initiative and what they hope to gain from the program.

The message is clear: handling large amounts of data will play a major role in the design of many business processes in the future. This makes it all the more important to familiarize yourself with the topic early and fundamentally – the scholarship program offers the ideal opportunity for this. As announced in January (see our blog article), Bertelsmann is cooperating with the online education service provider Udacity on this project. Since the application deadline expires on April 22, employees still have the opportunity to apply for one of the 15,000 scholarship places here:

The Udacity Data Science Scholarship Program is suitable for both beginners and experts. "The program offers great opportunities for anyone who wants to learn more about Data Science in the media industry," says Paulina de Brosses, Junior Strategy Analyst at RTL Group. "I am therefore very pleased to be able to contribute my great motivation to this program and thank Bertelsmann and Udacity for this opportunity.”

The most important in brief

Applications for the Udacity Data Science Scholarship Program can be submitted until April 22, before the first phase of the course begins in May. A total of 15,000 scholarships will be awarded to Bertelsmann employees and people outside the company. Scholarship recipients will initially participate in a three-month Challenge Course, “Intro to Descriptive Statistics,” during which they will have the support of experienced Udacity mentors and community managers. When they complete the course, they receive a “badge” as confirmation of participation, which can be used in social media channels such as Linkedin or Xing. The 1,500 top students in this first phase qualify for one of three Nanodegree programs at Udacity: “Data Foundations”, “Business Analyst”, or “Data Analyst”. All costs for the scholarship program are borne centrally by Bertelsmann.

Please apply directly on the Udacity homepage:


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