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Experience Digital Trends and Use Them at Work

What exactly is artificial intelligence? To what extent will virtual or augmented reality bridge the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds and shape the communication platforms of the future? How can blockchain technology make transaction systems faster, cheaper, and more secure? And what does this actually mean for Bertelsmann and its businesses? Bertelsmann University’s “Digital Lounge” program gets to the bottom of questions like these and is aimed at anyone interested in the latest digital trends who wants to get an overview of current developments.

Starting in 2019, the program will be open to all interested Bertelsmann specialists and executives for the first time – until now, participation was only possible if you were nominated. The one-day event will be held in German and English in Berlin, Spanish in Barcelona, and English in New York. Registration is now possible on peoplenet, after consultation with your supervisor.

In the video attached to this article, colleagues who have already participated in the "Digital Lounge" talk about their experiences and learnings from the training program. The video also gives an insight into the sequence and practical units of the program.

‘A comprehensive overview of digital trends’

“The Digital Lounge provides deep dives into a variety of topics relevant to the digital transformation of Bertelsmann, as well as insights into the underlying trends and developments," comments Strategy Consultant Evangelos Papathanassiou, one of the speakers in the Bertelsmann University program. "It is this unique combination of broad and holistic perspectives as well as specific and tangible examples and showcases that makes the Digital Lounge relevant for experts and novices alike -- both return with fresh inspiration and motivation, and new knowledge and skills for their day-to-day work.”

Julian Weiss from Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland has already taken part in the Bertelsmann University program. His verdict: “The most important outcome was getting an overview of the new digital trends and of where we stand today, and being able to transfer these insights into the daily business and into strategic decisions going forward.”

Niamh Cunningham of Arvato SCM Ireland also looks back on the event positively: “I think at Bertelsmann and for anybody involved in the media world, the key message is that we really need to focus on interacting differently with our customers. We can add huge value and stand out if we place the customer experience at the core of our thinking. The Digital Lounge has been an eye-opener to me and I would highly recommend this course. It has been amazing.”

Experts from digital practice

In addition to artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, and voice interface, i.e. the control of devices and services via speech, the latest developments in social media or online videos also play an important role in the “Digital Lounge.” Another topic is the global interconnection between people, places, information and, for example, sensors in refrigerators or cars (the “Internet of Everything”). The content is presented by experts and founders from the digital industry. In practical units, program participants can experience digital trends in person, by trying out virtual- and augmented-reality devices, for example.

In this way, participants are given deep insights into the dynamic developments of the digital world, learn how they are affecting society and consumer behavior, and gain specific input for their businesses.

Detailed information, dates and prices for the “Digital Lounge” continuing training program can be found here. (benet)

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