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Language learning made easy!

English – the universal language. It is vital in almost every sector of economy, culture and sciences, and speaking English facilitates international communication.

English is particularly essential in the business segment, and it is becoming more and more important to master this language in professional contexts. You want to improve your English skills, however, you don’t enjoy rote vocabulary drills? Then we have a good alternative for you: E-Learning for Business English, ‘ONE Professional’.

You can complete this remote learning course in your own time. It consists of multiple, exciting elements that make learning English fun and easy, so you won’t have any trouble staying on the ball. 

E-Learning for Business English, ‘ONE Professional’

Bertelsmann University is expanding its language portfolio with this new E-learning offer. In addition to ‘Face-to-Face Online Language Training’ with real language trainers in virtual classrooms, you can now also start learning English, or refresh your English skills for the professional context, with an E-learning course or the contained app REACH.

What makes E-Learning for Business English, ‘ONE Professional’ so unique?

Staying motivated is essential to making sure you can reach your goals and increase your English fluency. The content of this program is divided into different methods to provide you with optimal training and make it easier for you to learn English.

  • You will develop your specific learning goals in collaboration with a learning specialist (your personal motivator), and then create a training plan custom-tailored to your needs.
  • Your personal training plan will be designed according to your requirements, and you can decide which segments you primarily want to focus on:

Grammar, Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation

  • In addition, you will have the opportunity to take part in a ‘Talk with the Teacher’ session once-a-week. During this time, you can freely chat with other participants in group conversation courses led by a native speaking trainer.
  • Give yourself some time! Experience shows that the best way to achieve long-lasting learning success and maintain motivation is to know, before you start a task, that you won’t have to climb the whole mountain all at once. Because of this, you can individually set your course length. For example, on one day you could spend just five minutes learning the language, and still see successful results.
  • Learn when and where ever you want. Thanks to the REACH app, you can do exercises anywhere and anytime, for instance, by using the hands-free system in your car, when riding to work on the train, or even in the waiting room at the doctor's office.
  • Reward yourself! The REACH app provides you with exercises on specific business topics, and then rewards you with trophies and badges for each skill you learn – for another boost in motivation!
  • An unbeatable price! The course costs just 350 Euros. Included is continuous support from your learning specialist  to help you achieve the best possible results during the one-year license term. As well as the usage of the app REACH.

To summarize again: This E-learning course combines the advantages of flexible online learning that allows you to work, in your own time, with those from a face-to-face course, thanks to your personal learning specialist who helps you achieve your goals. Enjoy a new feeling of confidence, certainty and negotiating expertise in your everyday work!

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