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Learning Languages Online has Never been Easier - Book your free Trial Lesson Now!

Do you want to communicate fluently in another language, so that you don't have to say "Now the ideas walk us out" in your next creative brainstorming session with a conversation partner? Would you like to finally know how to pronounce the French wine that you enjoy ordering for your French colleagues at a customer dinner or do you need preparation for the Cambridge English Business Certificate (BEC)?

Get to know the "Face-to-Face Online Language Training" and improve your language skills regardless of time and location. Language instruction in a virtual classroom - you can't imagine it? "The proof of the pudding is in the eating!" - use the current time and register for a free lesson in one of 14 learning languages.

You are only two steps from your free trial lesson!

Book a free trial lesson for the Face-to-Face Online Language Training now in order to understand more than just "you are welcome" and "how are you".

Bertelsmann cooperates with Learnship, the world's leading company for digital language learning. Learn, together with your trainer, individually or in small groups with up to four participants in a virtual classroom.

It's that simple and uncomplicated:

1. Leveling

Please register, by following this link and you will then receive access to the Learnship member area.

There you will have a small assessment in form of a short oral and verbal test. This is how the current language level is determined. The result of this assessment can be viewed shortly afterwards in your personal Learnship member area.

2. Booking

Once you have completed the assessment, you can make an appointment in the Learnship Member Area for a free trial lesson without obligation.

What happens after the trial lesson?

Did you enjoy the lesson and would you like to book a language course afterwards? Then you will benefit from a training plan tailored to your needs and a highly qualified, personal trainer who will be selected for you according to your requirements. In this way, you will learn exactly what you need for your everyday professional life!

Choose from numerous languages - depending on which language you need in your everyday professional life: American & British English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Mandarin, South Korean and Japanese. Other languages are available upon request.

You can find an overview of the language offer on the program website for personal online language training.

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