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New Online Project Management Courses now Available on peoplenet

Bertelsmann University has added new online courses that prepare learners for various project management certifications to its curriculum, completing its offerings in this field. The internationally designed courses give employees a way to meet requirements in project management. They also communicate HR development and quality standards, as well as methods for more efficient project design and communications within a project.

Project management is an important part of the workaday routine for many people who work at Bertelsmann. However, even the best technical qualifications are often not enough, e.g. when working on projects with external clients, many of whom expect nationally or internationally accredited certifications. Which is why, for this target group of colleagues, last fall Bertelsmann University introduced various online courses leading to project management certification. The learning modules are available 24/7 on peoplenet, so they can be used as needed and flexibly by participants, anyplace, anytime. The following ‘how-to’ clip gives a concise and easily understood explanation of the platform’s features, as well as the digital learning paths and materials.

Prince2® And Scrum Complete The Project Management Curriculum

In addition to the programs offered to date, the online courses Prince2® and Scrum have now been activated, so that the following online qualifications are now offered: PMI® (PMP and CAPM), ITIL®, Prince2® (Foundation and Practitioner), Scrum (Master and Owner) and IPMA® (Level D). The graphic gives an overview of the complete project management range and additional details.

Download | Infographic: Project Management Offerings at a Glance.pdf

The internationally designed offers give employees a way to meet the demands of everyday project management. They communicate validated HR development and quality standards in project management, and provide methods for more efficient project design and communications within a project. The idea is to increase chances in the competition for project orders, as well as to provide a secure basis for coordinated procedures in multi-project management.

Learning paths with varied elements and virtual contact to trainers and participants

What makes the new programs different is that they are designed for collaborative learning. Certified trainers are available as learning guides to provide learners with real-time feedback on exam questions and results. The interactive offer is supplemented by a special project management community that makes it possible for participants to communicate amongst each other. 

The learning pathways of the individual courses are composed of varied elements including videos, exercises, and exam simulations. Their content is validated and meets the highest quality standards. Most of the courses are taught in English – with the exception of the IPMA® qualification, which can only be completed in German.

The path to successful certification

Interested employees can register on peoplenet for the new online courses leading to the various project management certifications. Once they have obtained their supervisor’s approval, the learning pathway of an online course will be available to them for twelve months. To receive the final certification from an accredited certification provider, employees must independently register for the exam with the certification provider once they have successfully completed the prep course. The Bertelsmann University website and the online prep courses provide information on how to register for the exam. After successful completion of the exam, they can have a copy of the certificate sent to Bertelsmann University, to have the passed exam included in their personal peoplenet learning history.

If you have any further questions about the offer, please contact Hanna Bensch of Bertelsmann University ( or visit the program overview on our website. (benet)

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