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New provider for HR upskilling at Bertelsmann

Welcome Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), as our new cooperation partner. AIHR is the largest online educator for Human Resources Professionals in the world and offers a wide range of training programs and certifications in HR analytics to future-proof HR.

Get a license now and benefit from AIHR's offer


As Bertelsmann employees, you have the opportunity to acquire licenses starting either on October 2nd or December 1st. This license gives you access to 11 certificate programs, and many other short-form content pieces, that address the most relevant topics in HR for a total duration of 12 months. The goal is to enhance skills in areas such as HR strategy, HR analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) for HR, deepen expertise in specific HR topics, and provide the opportunity to exchange insights with other HR colleagues. 

The demands on HR change continuously. It is no longer possible to imagine our everyday working lives without the digital world. There is an increasing need to work with HR metrics and proactively design the interface between technology and humans.

"The partnership with AIHR opens up an exciting opportunity for our colleagues to update and develop their skills and competencies for HR topics,” said Martina Mönninghoff, Senior Vice President at Bertelsmann University. "AIHR's course portfolio covers many relevant HR topics such as 'People Analytics,' 'Strategic Talent Acquisition,' and 'Organizational Development,' as well as current topics like 'ChatGPT for HR' or 'Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging.' This enables HR professionals to obtain the best possible qualifications in these areas, professionally support the workforce transformation in Bertelsmann businesses, and simultaneously prepare for HR-related issues of the future."


Key information about AIHR at a glance:

  • Most AIHR English-language courses are designed to be completed in approximately four to six weeks. However, there are also longer or shorter courses depending on the needs and subjects. The courses are also tailored to different HR experience levels, from junior roles to HR directors.
  • There are 11 role-specific certificate courses available at AIHR. Upon completion of the course, you will receive the certificate of your newly acquired skills, such as Strategic HR Leadership or Talent Aquisition.
  • AIHR provides a dedicated community platform for interaction with HR professionals from other external companies from all over the world - you can join thought-provoking discussion, gather best practices, and share your ideas. Furthermore, AIHR regularly hosts live virtual keynotes on HR topics, giving you the opportunity to network with other companies and gain insights into their work and perspective on the issues.

To take advantage of this specialized training opportunity immediately, you should register via Peoplenet and purchase an AIHR annual license by September 15 for the starting date of October 2. 


3 reasons why you should purchase a license for AIHR through Bertelsmann University:

  1. Gain discounted access to a variety of learning formats, including online courses, a community, and a resource library for one year. 

  2. Each case study and assignment places you in specific scenarios that help you apply what you have previously learned in a simulated scenario. Therefore, after completing the exercises, you will be able to apply your skills in real-life scenarios and transfer what you have learned to your workplace.

  3. Take advantage of the extensive, ever-growing Resource Library, which offers templates, playbooks, and checklists - now including AI Prompts. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can request the missing templates, which will be created and added to the resource library.

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