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The New Bertelsmann University (1): Individual Campus

Attracting and retaining the “best people at all levels of the company” for Bertelsmann is one of the Group's ten priorities in the next few years, as Thomas Rabe announced at the last Management Meeting (see BENET report). HR work plays a key role in this. A targeted promotion and development of employees, particularly in connection with the company’s transformation, is essential and of major importance in Bertelsmann CHRO Immanuel Hermreck’s HR strategy.

The new Bertelsmann University

For this reason, Hermreck merged Bertelsmann University and Bertelsmann Academy into the new Bertelsmann University at the beginning of the year. A central learning organization was created, headed by Steven Moran, Chief Learning Officer at Bertelsmann. It offers innovative state-of-the-art learning solutions and formats that systematically promote and develop Bertelsmann competencies and skills worldwide, across divisions and hierarchies. To foster individual learning and development, strengthen core business functions and their networks, develop executive leadership skills, and support the Group's strategic transformation process, Bertelsmann University is now structured into four campuses: 

  • Individual Campus
  • Function Campus
  • Leadership Campus
  • Strategy Campus

What services does each campus department offer? What programs are suitable for whom? The Blog series about the new Bertelsmann University provides introduction to each of the campuses in turn.

The Individual Campus

The Individual Campus empowers all Bertelsmann employees to take charge of their own learning – flexibly, anytime, and anywhere. Regardless of their role, their job and the division they work in, Bertelsmann employees will find short learning nuggets as well as an extensive range of training programs for their personal and professional development. They can choose from mostly digital learning formats and short learning units that they can easily integrate into their workaday routine. All programs are provided via the Group-wide digital HR platform peoplenet. You can either use them directly free of charge, or register for programs with your choice in consultation with your supervisor.

Individual Campus: Target Group

The Individual Campus seeks to support each individual in resolving everyday challenges and preparing for future requirements. Therefore, its educational offerings are aimed at all Bertelsmann employees worldwide, and at all levels.

A learning opportunity for all Bertelsmann employees worldwide

From tutorials on IT applications, soft skills, marketing, HR, to language classes and project management training – the Individual Campus program features an enormous diversity of programs. The digital educational offerings on alone comprise more than 8,000 free online video courses.
One helpful feature that may provide some inspiration is the overview of the most popular Individual Campus programs, on subjects including time management, MS Office, communication and marketing.

Individual Campus | Most Popular Courses on Different Subjects

The Bertelsmann University newsletter keeps you abreast of the latest changes and offers at Bertelsmann University, as well as new trends in learning.

Future prospects

“With the more than 8,000 courses in our video learning library at, we have created a solid foundation for the Group’s future, digital learning infrastructure. Now we want to build on this, and will create further offers in the next few months that especially support the transformation of Bertelsmann’s businesses – for example in the areas of technology, digitization and creativity”, says Dennis Forman, Vice President of Bertelsmann University and Head of Individual Campus. “I’m delighted to announce that beyond this, we will soon be able to offer virtual language training in 14 languages ​​to all Bertelsmann employees worldwide. The culture of learning is changing, as learning becomes possible anytime and anywhere. We see this as an opportunity for Bertelsmann and its employees, and want to help shape this change.” (benet)

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