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The New Bertelsmann University (3): Leadership Campus

At the beginning of the year, Immanuel Hermreck merged Bertelsmann University and Bertelsmann Academy into the new Bertelsmann University. A central learning organization was created, headed by Steven Moran, Chief Learning Officer at Bertelsmann. It offers innovative state-of-the-art learning solutions and formats that systematically promote and develop Bertelsmann competencies and skills worldwide, across divisions and hierarchies. Our Blog series about the new Bertelsmann University presents the learning opportunities of the four “campuses” and explains what offers are suitable for whom. After reports about the Individual Campus and the Function Campus, we now present Bertelsmann University's third campus: The Leadership Campus.

The Leadership Campus 

The Leadership Campus offers targeted leadership programs, executive coaching and carefully selected instruments. 
The “Leadership Programs” help Bertelsmann managers reflect on their respective leadership challenges and expand their personal scope for action. In various formats, leaders learn to further develop their leadership style and to apply modern approaches of successful leadership. With its diversity of offerings, the Leadership Campus promotes and supports the continual development of the corporate culture and the quality of leadership at Bertelsmann. 
Beyond this, the “Leadership Instruments” provide executives and employees with essential tools for developing the corporate culture. Besides the Group-wide Employee Survey and the January Talks, they include the Bertelsmann Essentials and the Bertelsmann Sense of Purpose. 

The Leadership Campus target group 

The “Leadership Programs” are designed for all Bertelsmann managers around the world who oversee staff; in other words, all executives from team leaders to managing directors. Role-specific programs differentiate between four roles: Team Leaders, Leaders of Managers, Leaders of Function, and Leaders of Business and Organization.
The “Leadership Instruments,” e.g. the Employee Survey and the Essentials, are relevant and available to all Bertelsmann employees worldwide.

A broader learning offer for Bertelsmann managers worldwide

The Leadership Campus learning offer is structured into four product lines which will continue to be developed and expanded in the months ahead: multi-module Core Leadership Programs, in-depth Leadership Specials, Leadership Instruments for reflection, and soon the new Leadership Library – a digital library of leadership content to browse through.

Core Leadership Programs – Leadership development in specific roles

The role of a team leader needs a slightly different focus than the role of a managing director or head of department, who themselves lead executives. Therefore, Bertelsmann University’s Core Leadership Programs are designed specifically with the challenges of the different leadership roles in mind. A mutual exchange of ideas in a safe learning environment, as well as guided reflection on one’s own role, are the focus of the Core Leadership Programs.

In 2017, the Leadership Campus will pilot the Core Leadership Programs for Leaders of Managers and Leaders of Functions in various regions of the Bertelsmann world. HR Directors from each company can nominate participants for these programs. For team leaders in Germany, the Leadership Campus offers 2017 a new Core Leadership Program, for which team leaders will soon be able to register directly on peoplenet.

Leadership Specials – Diving deeper into topical subjects

In addition, Leadership Specials that dive deeper into topical subjects such as “The Keys to Lateral Leadership” are being further expanded. These are programs that deal in depth with very specific, up-to-the-minute topics – always adapted to reflect current trends and requirements. These programs are currently only available in Germany. However, they will be internationalized in the future.

Leadership Instruments – Reflecting on one’s own leadership

The range of instruments on offer is also being developed. The idea is to help managers reflect on their own effectiveness. These instruments include the Employee Survey, which 100,000 employees Group-wide have been asked to complete in November 2016, and also the annual January Talks and Online 360° Feedback where employees, colleagues, supervisors and the manager themselves are asked to assess the manager. The results help managers to better gauge how they are perceived by others.

Leadership Library – Individual, flexible learning

Starting in the Spring of 2017, the Leadership Library will provide managers with answers to key questions and leadership challenges in the daily business. The digital library will provide videos, e-learnings, articles and TED Talks on leadership. Managers can use it to quickly inform themselves and stay up to date anytime, anywhere with small online “learning nuggets.” For example, a digital onboarding program for managers is currently being planned. It will give managers who are new to the Group or new to a leadership position a better understanding of what it means to be a manager at Bertelsmann.

“Effective leadership is a very important key to success. But effective leadership also places high demands on managers,” explains Martina Mönninghoff, Vice President Bertelsmann University and Head of the Leadership Campus. “Our Leadership Campus offers diverse learning opportunities worldwide for Bertelsmann managers to prepare them as well as possible for everyday leadership challenges. We also advance topics related to our corporate culture, such as the development of the Bertelsmann Sense of Purpose . Our work in the Leadership Campus is designed not only to promote an excellent leadership culture at Bertelsmann but also to promote the continual development of Bertelsmann’s corporate culture in general.”

Learn more about the Strategy Campus in the next and final article in BENET’s series on the new Bertelsmann University. The Bertelsmann University newsletter also provides regular news and updates on offers.

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