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Anti Racism – Online Course Collection

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Corporate Responsibility / Diversity Management

Free of charge for all Bertelsmann employees
Number of courses: 15

What you will learn

Racism is a problem which is deeply rooted within our society and institutions. But there is a way to change it and you are an important part of this collective task. In this online collection you can find valuable information about different forms of racisms and how spot and eventually overcome them. We encourage you to educate yourself on the topic of racism and become an ally in order to support a more inclusive work environment and society.

  • Color blind or color brave?
  • Race and racial identity 
  • Racial Equity Tools Glossary
  • What is privilege?
  • What Is White Privilege, Really?
  • This is what anti-Asian racism looks like in Canada
  • Asian enough?
  • What if white people led the charge to end racism?
  • Ibram X. Kendi defines what it means to be an antiracist
  • Getting Over Your Fear of Talking About Diversity
  • Deep dive allyship: Guide to Allyship
  • How to be an Ethnicity and Race Ally at work
  • Deep dive Europe: As media watch US uprisings, EU has a racism problem, too
  • Deep dive Germany: Racism on the rise in Germany
  • Deep dive Germany: Foreigners in their own country: Racial bias in Germany
  • Workbook "Antiracism in the workplace" 

Who will benefit

All Bertelsmann employees who seek to understand the impact that racism has even in modern societies as well as work environments and wish to learn ways to minimalize it’s influence.

What you can expect

Video training, blog entries and self-study material