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Online Game: Analysis Paralysis

Leveraging data literacy through serious gaming

Join the interactive online game to discover how to detect relevant data, ensure data quality and provide data to decision makers.  

Digital onlyDigital only
Max. 5 players per Game
Free of charge for all Bertelsmann employees
Seats are limited
New dates soon
90 minutes
Game: 45 minutes

What you will learn

Analysis Paralysis is a serious game for first awareness and learning to help leverage your data literacy efforts. In the game players gain experience with the common pitfalls and challenges when working with a data mindset. Players understand the importance of a data driven mindset for HR decision making.

About the Game 

The story:
Rumors in the press lead to questions about the stability of BrightBase Group. Both government and the media demand an explanation from the CEO about a presumed high amount of managers leaving the company. 

The challenge:
It is up to the players to provide a fact-based explanation in a statement to the press. 


Watch the trailer as a preview to get a first impression: here

Who will benefit

All Bertelsmann Learning Days participants, who have minimal experience with data analysis and would like to get to know it in a playful approach with cross-divisional colleagues. (Beginner Level) 

What you can expect

  • Teamwork: Players need to solve this mystery using various data sources and their own critical mindset. 
  • Use data sources: Some data sources are hidden and can only be acquired by reaching the various challenges within the game. 
  • Apply a critical mindset: To be successful players need to work together, form hypotheses and discuss possible explanations to reach a plausible statement for the CEO to deliver to the press. 


Organizational Information 

Before the game begins: 

  • Introduction round of the participants  
  • Brief overview of the game 
  • Select one player to type in the response for the team

Access to the Game:  

  • Use Google Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge  
  • Receive Link to the game and the access code in the session 

During the Game: 

  • Communication with other players via MS Teams 
  • All 5 players participate in the same virtual room, but interact with data sources and clues themselves 

After the Game: 

  • Learning & Reflection 



Secure a free seat in the online game: But beware, seats are limited - first come, first served! 
You will see whether you have a seat in the game in the confirmation e-mail you receive from Bertelsmann University. All registrations that do not receive a seat in the game will automatically be placed on the waiting list. Please make a note of the date in your calendar, as you may be able to move up shortly before the date.