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Sprint: Specific Business English Skills Training

Blended learning for rapid results

Sprint Business Skills focuses on the skills you need to succeed in a global virtual business environment

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454 € - 1.580 €
5 weeks - 20 weeks

What you will learn

This blended learning training is available to all employees worldwide who want to refresh or acquire new English skills for the business context. 

Who will benefit

  • Targeted content to develop a valuable skillset for high-stakes situations 
  • A short, impactful training course to make an immediate difference  
  • Real-life scenarios to practice with an expert until you are foolproof 
  • You need instant results 
  • You use these skills regularly 
  • You want to be more impactful in English 

Skills available 

  • Business Negotiations 
  • Business Meetings 
  • Business Presentations 
  • Business Writing 
  • Working in Remote Teams 
  • Remote Networking 
  • Remote Project Management 

Choose from one to four competencies! 

What you can expect

  • An online test to assess your level 
  • A 5-week program for each skill:  
    • 45 min per week of e-learning prework 
    • 1 hour per week of online face-to-face training 
    • 15 min per week of mobile learning 
  • Open-access to three productivity tools 

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