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Free of charge for all Bertelsmann employees
Number of courses: 40

What you will learn

Learning from each other, learning with each other: colleagues share their knowledge in digital presentations or interactive workshops that they conduct themselves. They are #Learnnfluencers! In this collection you will find recordings from the Your Campus / Colleague Campus sessions of the last few years.

You can find the following video recording of past events:

Tech & Data

  • Data Storytelling: Translation between Data Science and Business Language

  • API fundamentals, the composable business and software-driven value creation_ How modern enterprises and ventures are built
  • Questioning Software Development
  • NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) in Music, Art, and Beyond
  • Introduction to Web Development. Learn how to build and host your own website from scratch
  • The Great Fast Forward: How the Pandemic Accelerated 10 years of Technology Adoption into 1
  • Where have you been? Siri can't tell you...
  • Font Management

Digital Marketing

  • The power of audience targeting

Personal Development

  • Self-Management: You are not alone!

Business Development/ Strategy

  • Venture Capital Investing: Top or Flop - criteria for identifying a promising business
  • Glimpse Behind the Scene - Work of Artists & Repertoire in the Music Industry

Modern Workplace & Tools

  • Collaboration in Isolation
  • Future Skills - Learning How to Learn
  • Welcome to the New Age of Work – Microsoft Teams Best Practice
  • Microsoft Teams ile daha verimli çalışın

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