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YOUR Growth Booster | Boost your [Learning] Goal

Boost Your Superpower For Growth

Lifelong learning is not as is as it might sound. Integrate self-directed learning into your daily routine and contribute your excellence to the ongoing business transformation at Bertelsmann. 

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Max. 100 participants
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We approach the top 5% of learners - those who are keen to learn (more about themselves)
Free of charge for all Bertelsmann employees
Intense Bootcamp:
5x1.5h virtual live modules
6x1h self-guided learning groups
~1h/week pre/post exercises

What you will learn

Be in the driver seat of your own development and use YOUR superpower "self-directed studying" to stay on track and actively follow up on your career goals. Boost your learning effectiveness by focusing on your growth mindset, establish a continuous learning behavior and increase your learning speed even more by using highly practical project methods and hacks.

What does that mean?

Expect to work on simple, everyday capabilities to be ready for an ever-changing work environment.

  • Create your learning value: Learn to acuminate your individual learning goal and how to follow up on it within your own eco system
  • Be effective: Focus on highly practical methods & hacks in order to ease up your studying motivation and define your own pace
  • Feel impact: Integrate self-directed studying – even better – in daily routines, learn to focus and thus use given time resources purposefully

Put your cape on and fight against the kryptonite of us all: lack of time, workload. Participating only once empowers you to deal with upcoming temporary learning projects. Feel your self-efficacy and a better on the job integration.

Who will benefit

Bertelsmann top learners and ambitious achievers. We are looking for individuals who are keen to achieve a specific learning goal and boost their learning mindset, their behavior and their self-leadership competencies to pursue that learning goal. 

We are targeting this program to all employees, in particular to 

  • The Employee Scholarship participants 
  • „Your Campus“ Trainers 
  • Clark Kents & Lois Lanes who wish to become Super(wo)mans: Your Organization has some wildcards for/incorporated in their local learning and development programs. 

This is a pre-requisite: You have a specific topic that you would like to pursue as a learning project in the near future. This course is ideal as preparation, but also as a companion.

What you can expect

  • Guided, highly interactive program to prepare or to actively pursue your specific learning project
  • Virtual live modules accompanied by self-directed studying
  • Social learning: Cross-divisional study groups with 3-4 colleagues who have a similar learning challenge like you
  • Follow up your stundying with a workbook
  • Feel your self-efficacy based on data of your personal self-assessment (pre, post and 3 months after the program). See what has changed!

Table of Content

Module 1 | Get-together and Program Outlook

  • Get together: Meet your program peers 
  • Outlook: Why we will have a look at Growth Mindset, Self-Leadership and Learnability to reach our learning goals 
  • The mix is what makes the difference: How 'wanting', 'being able' and 'doing' must merge in order to enable continuous development 
  • Growth Mindset: Growth and fixed Mindset in everyday situations; Nature vs. Nurture 
  • Self-Leadership: Science-based elements to foster self-management  
  • Learnability: Iceberg of learning; 80/20 learning efficiency 
  • Goal definition: Collecting learning goals and 'match' your learning group peers. Learning Project mindset. Design your learning objective. Intro into learning project templates, e.g. IKIGAI and learning project canvas

Module 2 | Grow Your Mindset

  • Growth Mindset: How a Growth Mindset can help to get from performing to learning in daily routines, and thus reduce pressure
  • Fixed Mindset triggers: Identifying your own triggers with regard to your learning goal and being able to reframe
  • Learning and performance goals: How to bring yourself into the learning zone, and when to actively stay in the performance zone?
  • Determine learning project: How your mindset work can help you to envision your goal and reduce the stretch to work towards it

Module 3 | Self-Leadership

  • No multitasking: Why multitasking shrinks your brain
  • Self-Leadership: Elements of self-leadership
  • Focus & Habits: Why focus is better than multitasking and how you build new habits which will ease up your learning progress
  • Reflection: Why “reflecting time” is a “return on invested time”
  • Learning goal: Learning plan and how to foster learning routines. Resource mapping.

Module 4 | Learnabilty

  • Learning resources: Identifying your own learning resources and learning behavior on the job/ for the learning goal
  • Learning, comfort zone and panic zone: Which zone do you need for your current project?
  • Learning strategies: Does my “how I learn” feed into my “why”?
  • Learning fundamentals: Formal & informal learning, active learning, stress reduction, and relaxing


Module 5 | Closing

  • Recap: Focus on your own learning process
  • Self-compassion: Dealing with obstacles and lack of time
  • Motivation tournament: Identify your key motivators to keep going
  • What’s next: What’s your next focus?
  • Learning goal: Always remember to celebrate the little things and talk about them