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YOUR Growth Booster | Boost your [Learning] Mindset & Behavior

Boost Your Superpower for Growth

Lifelong Studying is not as is as it might sound. Integrate self-directed learning into your daily routine and contribute your excellence to the ongoing business transformation at Bertelsmann

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Max. 100 participants
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We approach ambitious learners - those who are keen to learn (more about themselves) to achieve their goals
Free of charge for all Bertelsmann employees
9-month program:
8x1.5h virtual live modules
6x1h facilitated learning groups, plus tiny
~15 minutes/week work on your learning journal

What you will learn

This program is focusing on self-management and promoting lasting behavioral and mindset change, delivered in small nuggets.

Be in the driver seat of your own development and use YOUR superpower "self-directed studying" to stay on track and actively follow up on your career goals. Boost your learning effectiveness by focusing on your growth mindset, establish a continuous learning behavior and increase your learning speed even more by using highly practical project methods and hacks.

What does that mean?

You will work on simple, everyday capabilities to be ready for an ever-changing work environment.

  • Shape individual targets in line with your personal values; plan how to follow up within your own ecosystem and work routine
  • Work on your growth mindset, beliefs and psychological flexibility
  • Set a focus and build healthy habits
  • Discover how to make use of emotions and strengths for studying
  • Find ways to overcome obstacles with self-compassion and motivation tournaments
  • Get in the flow of work: Actively switch between “studying” and “performance” zone

Put your cape on and fight against the kryptonite of us all: lack of time, workload. Feel your self-efficacy and a better on the job integration.

Who will benefit

Bertelsmann top learners and ambitious achievers: Are you open for growth and eager to learn (about yourself)? We are looking for individuals who wish to foster their learning mindset, behavior, and self-management competencies for balancing performance tasks and learning targets​.

We are targeting this program to all employees, in particular to

  • The Employee Scholarship participants
  • „Your Campus“ Trainers
  • Clark Kents & Lois Lanes who wish to become Super(wo)mans: Your Organization may has some wildcards for/incorporated in their local studying and development programs

What you can expect

  • 9-months highly interactive program with a focus on building lasting behavioral and mindset change
  • Virtual live modules accompanied by self-directed learning modules
  • We pair you up with a learning buddy to support each other
  • Cross-divisional and by ForeverDayOne facilitated peer learning groups between the modules
  • Integrate your learning progress on the job: Follow up with studying journal
  • Feel your self-efficacy based on data of your personal self-assessment (pre, post and 3 months after the program). See what has changed!

Module Overview

Module 1 | The Journey Begins

Kick-Off: Get-together and Program Outlook  

  • Get-together: Meet your program peers
  • Impulse: Learning means adaptability. Vigilance as a success factor.
  • The mix makes all the difference: Every individual needs to learn future proof self-leadership in line with a growth mindset and efficient learning know-how
  • Pursue your goals: Intro to learning project templates, e.g. IKIGAI

Module 2 | What Keeps Me going

Motivation and Key Values

  • Motivation: What motivates you? 
  • Purpose & values: Get helpful insights about values and identify your key values 
  • Psychological flexibility: How you can adapt to situations by becoming psychological flexible
  • Goals: Goal affirmation to work towards values

Module 3 | Aligning the Compass

Goal Setting & Focus

  • Goals: Setting demanding but not overwhelming goals. About learning and performance goals. Value-goals-focus-funnel.
  • Focus: Why focus is better than multitasking. Focus tools and scientific insights.
  • Learning goal: What could be my first focused goal?

Module 4 | My (Super)-Powers

Strengths & Emotions

  • Own resources: Identifying your own signature strengths and why they might be a hurdle sometimes 
  • Fun and emotions: How having fun and making use of emotional science supports our studies
  • Gratitude: The biggest lift for taking satisfaction and motivation to the next level

Module 5 | My Training Plan

Key Competencies & Habits

  • Key competencies: “6 key competencies” and how they influence good/ healthy habits
  • Habits: How to build new habits / get rid of bad habits. Using habits to build your own learning routine or to follow up on your goals
  • Energy: Where is your energy? How establishing rituals releases energy
  • Learning goal: Define the learning habit that boosts you most


Module 6 | When the Going Gets Tough

Self-Compassion & Stress Managment

  • Hurdles: What are your main hurdles that stop you from pursuing your values, goals and development?
  • Self-compassion: Why self-compassion is more important than self-esteem, and how to train it
  • Stress management: Distinction from extrinsic needs, how to really get rid of stress
  • Mindset and beliefs: Mindset, strengths overuse and reframing
  • Self-management: Define your own learning framework

Module 7 | Looking Back

Learning vs. Performance

  • Reflection: Why reflecting your learning strategies and mindset is key to boost your behavior
  • Learning by: doing vs. thinking vs. talking
  • Balancing learning targets and performance tasks

Module 8 | Continuing the Path


  • Reflect on the past months in the Year-end reflection
  • Elaborate your New Year’s learning resolutions and projects
  • Program wind-up