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Bertelsmann Business Trail










Who should attend

If you'd like to brush up on your general business skills, want to learn how to make sense of a business report, dig into what makes innovation successful, or what changes the digital transformation brings to your organization, sign up.

Every colleague with a general interest in or in search of a holistic view of how a modern business organization works and grows, Tech & Data experts, Creatives, and Experts in other disciplines.

Should you hold a valid Coursera license (which should at least be valid for approx. 6 months), we offer the Bertelsmann Business Trail as an add-on at a favorable price. Please contact if you are interested in the add-on.

What you learn

The Coursera courses we selected give you an insight into:

  • General business and strategy
  • Finance for non-financial professionals
  • Innovation techniques
  • Organizational development.

With deep-dives into the hybrid future of work, and how resilience and mindfulness help you navigate the disruptive world of business.

How you learn

  • Self-directed learning on the Coursera platform, featuring renowned faculty of top universities.
  • Live online event with renowned business school faculty to tie all of the content together.
  • Pre-recorded videos of colleagues from different divisions exemplifying how innovation has grown and changed their businesses.


  • Learn at your own pace, without time pressure or project work - just because you are intrinsically motivated to grasp an understanding of general business acumen.
  • You will be given an overview to gain a better understanding of what makes a business work, how to measure growth, and how to foster it. 
  • To dive deeper into separate topics of interest, use your Coursera license that is valid for one year.
  • Short teasers in MOOC format will give you a glimpse of what colleagues around the world have accomplished for their companies through innovation.