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Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship

Growing strategic capabilities for a tech & data-driven future

What is the Bertelsmann Tech & Data Scholarship Initiative?

In continuation of the success story of 3 rounds 'Udacity Tech Scholarship', the Bertelsmann Tech & Data Scholarship Initiative will carry on with another 50,000 chances for learners all over the world. Over a three-year period, Bertelsmann is once again investing significantly in funding tech scholarships to build some of the most in-demand tech skills of our time.

With this new edition, we are not only offering a more targeted approach with increased support to our internal participants, but are making it easier than ever for employees to take part and earn a qualification.

A more diversified scholarship landscape and more support to Bertelsmann participants

We are separating our employee cohort from external participants in order to offer Bertelsmann participants more targeted support, more content options to choose from and align learning content with our business goals. This also means that our scholarship landscape is getting more diversified – employees get to choose between 3 different content providers according to their learning or content preferences: Udacity, Coursera or Harvard Business School Online.

Each year, we are granting several hundreds of seats to employees, of which half will be filled by nomination through divisional HR and half will be granted to employees showing their initiative and indicating their preference by completing a simple application form.

Once accepted into the program, employees can start working towards their certificate without any further funnelling process. There will be no more competition between employees for scholarship seats.

Content options

You can choose between one of the follwoing 3 learning partners:


You can choose from a defined set of Nanodegrees that follow learning paths which are in line with some of the most in-demand skills profiles across the Bertelsphere. Each year, we are shaking things up a little and offer a variety of Nanodegrees to choose from. Please indicate your chosen Nanodegree in your application.

For the upcoming round, you can choose between the following Nanodegrees:


Your Coursera scholarship will include 6-months full access to all learning content on the coursera platform. You may choose to complete a course and earn a certificate from a top University or institution of your choice or build a specific skillset following either a pre-defined or personalized learning path based on your own proficiency level.

Harvard Business School Online:

As part of a cohort of other Bertelsmann peers, you will follow a 5-week schedule to build data literacy that is needed in managerial and leadership settings. Learning on the HBS platform is highly interactive and follows a set structure and schedule leading up to a Harvard Business School certificate proving your mastery of key data concepts and ecosystems.

How to apply?

One half of the participants are nominated by their HR departments; interested learners can simply apply for the remaining seats. HR nominated participants will be informed in September. After that, we will open up applications to all employees. Of course, we will get the info out to you, when it’s time to apply. All you will need to do is:

  • Tell us your preferred learning provider(s)
  • Tell us your choice of your Learning Paths (in case of Udacity)
  • Complete two short motivational questions showing us your initiative

Please note that each employee can only take up one seat at a time. So, if you have been nominated by your divisional HR team, it´s no longer necessary to apply for a seat on your own behalf.

As the number of seats for each provider is limited, there will be a chance to indicate alternative provider preferences and rank your priority in the application process.