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What is Microsoft?

If you or your organization uses or is planning to use Microsoft Azure cloud technology, Microsoft trainings will give you the opportunity to qualify as an expert specifically for Microsoft-based cloud applications and platforms.  

What is a Microsoft-taught course like?​ 

You will be studying in a cohort of peers and be able to exchange challenges and learnings in a like-minded group. In a virtual live training setting, a Microsoft-certified trainer will provide theoretical input, exercises and 1-on-1 guidance.  

How long will each course take?​ 

The length of a course depends on the chosen offer and may be one or more days long. You may wish to deepen your skills using the extensive self-study material provided by Microsoft. Especially, if you are looking to take a professional certification exam, complimentary self-study is encouraged, depending on your levels of proficiency and experience. 

What is the program language?​ 

Live trainings are available mainly in English. Other languages may be available, depending on the chosen course. You can find additional study material in a wide range of languages, too. 

Why learn with Microsoft? 

  • Content straight from the leading cloud provider’s training organization 
  • Building skills to drive digital transformation 
  • Learning experience including interactive labs, sample code, and free test drive products 
  • Step-by-step, bite-sized learning content and engaging modules 
  • Interactive and engaging virtual instructor led training 
  • Regular training dates offered across global time zones 

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