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YOUR Growth Booster

Boost your superpower for growth: Learning!


Who should attend

Bertelsmann top learners and early adopters

  • Career Development Pool
  • Nanodegree Participants
  • Your Campus Trainers
  • Wildcards: Clark Kents & Lois Lanes who wish to become Super(wo)mans

Please note the registration deadline of April 10!

What you learn

Be in the driver seat of your own development and use YOUR superpower "self-directed learning" to stay on track and actively follow up on your career goals. Boost your mindset, establish a continuous learning behavior and increase your learning speed even more by using highly practical methods and hacks – by focusing on the 3 main topics:  'Growth Mindset', 'Learnability' and 'Self-Leadership'.

What does that mean?

  • Create Your Learning Value: Learn to acuminate your individual development needs and how to follow up on them within your own eco system
  • Be effective: Focus on highly practical methods & hacks in order to speed and ease up your learning
  • Feel impact: Integrate self-directed learning – even better - in daily routines and thus use given time resources more efficiently

How you learn

  • 12-week guided program with iterative approach
  • Every super hero has a different superpower: Decide about the level of guidance that suits to YOUR individual needs – based on initial an self-assessment
  • Guided self-directed digital learning (Holistic Toolkit, Workbook, little Micro-Nudges) & facilitated virtual sessions by 'Forever Day One'
  • Joint virtual 'Experience Day' & Outro Day
  • Optional: Virtual deep dive workshops or peer-exchange circles
  • If you like, you can pursue a learning goal during course duration to actively progress on that learning goal


  • Put your cape on and fight against the kryptonite of us all: lack of time, workload, skills-gaps!
  • Participating only once empowers you to master the ever-changing skills-gaps in the future. Feel a better learning experience and on the job integration for every future learning or development within YOUR career