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Mastering Hybrid Work – Course Collection

Master the transition between home workspace and office workspace with ease, performance and productivity.

This learning path help you to master hybrid working by learning how to stay organized, be adaptable, resilient, and establish boundaries to protect your time.

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Learn how to stay focused and productive when splitting your time between remote work and days in a physical office. These courses will show you how to master hybrid work:

  • Enhance Productivity in a Hybrid Work Environment
  • How to Stand Out Remotely
  • Staying Organized While Working Remotely or On-Site
  • How to Be an Adaptable Employee during Change and Uncertainty
  • Negotiating Work Flexibility
  • Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Essentials
  • Be an Effective Hybrid or Virtual Employee
  • Connecting and Collaborating in a Virtual or Hybrid Workplace
  • How to Set Boundaries and Protect Your Time
  • Level Up Your Remote Team Experience

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Do you find it difficult to switch between home office and office and to make the distinction between work and free time? These courses will help you to expand your productivity while mastering working hybrid.

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