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We reply to some typical thoughts that some of you brought up to us.

I think I may have some expertise BUT I do not feel comfortable with presenting and standing in the spotlight...

First of all: Great that you are aware of your skills and know-how and your willingness to share your expertise in general!

Here are some good reasons to participate:

  1. Bonus training with Own the Room: By participating, you will receive a bonus training on interactive presentations from Own the Room. This is a valuable opportunity to gain new presentation techniques and immediately apply them in a test iteration to colleagues who are more than happy to hear from you.

  2. Different session formats: You have the flexibility to plan your session in various formats. It doesn't have to be a traditional "expertise sharing" session with slides. Instead, you can choose, for example, a "let's discuss about..." session without slides. This allows for a dynamic and engaging exchange of knowledge.

  3. Imagine if a colleague from a different department in your company asked you to explain a topic from your everyday work in a 15-30 minute session for them and a few other colleagues. Would you accept the meeting invite? If your answer is yes, then think of this session as a similar opportunity. It's a chance to embrace the "sharing is caring" mindset and foster collaboration within the company.


We have a similar format in our company. Can I re-use the content?

OF COURSE! What is interesting to your direct colleagues, can also be interesting across your organizational borders. So if you participated in such a format – let’s take that content and lift it to higher level. Or – if you’ve already scheduled a session in your local company in such a format – why not present it right away in this year’s Your Campus.

Typical formats you could think about are:

  • BCP Focus Days or let's talk data
  • Wissensbissen, Wissensblitze, Lunch & Learn, Brownbag Lunch


I would like to be a trainer but do not know about a topic.

  • Immediate co-workers are good at assessing the skills and expertise they attribute to people. It is often worthwhile to simply ask them.
  • It is also an idea to contact your "Your Campus" contact, who is located in the Learning & Development Department of your organization. They are happy to support you in a 1:1 Dialogue.
  • You can also think of a topic that you are curious about right now and offer a session that is rather a "First experiences with" or "Who can help me with" 

Potential Topic areas you could think about

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