Coursera envisions a world where anyone, anywhere has the power to transform their lives through learning.

About Coursera

Coursera is an innovative online platform that has revolutionized the way people access education and expand their knowledge. The primary goal of Coursera is to provide high-quality, flexible, affordable and job-relevant education. Coursera offers a range of learning opportunities—from hands-on projects and courses to job-ready certificates.

Through partnerships with over 325  top universities and tech industry partners, Coursera offers a diverse range of learning opportunities covering various subjects, including computer science, data science, AI  and Generative AI, Machine Learning, business, project management leadership and more. These courses are created and taught by expert instructors who bring their extensive knowledge and real-world experience to the virtual classroom.


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Your Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Access to nearly the entire Enterprise Coursera catalog
  • Complete courses from top global universities and tech firms
  • Learn anytime, anywhere with comprehensive courses
  • Earn certificates from renowned universities and companies
  • Target Group

    All Bertelsmann employees

  • Cost

    - Free of charge for scholarship participants
    - 399 € for individual booking (limited)

  • Level

    Beginners to experts

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic

    (Subtitles in other languages for 95% of the courses)

  • Format


  • Access

    Employee Scholarship via Application / Induvidual Booking via peoplenet

  • Platform

    Coursera platform

  • Duration


  • Scope

    Access to entire Enterprise Coursera catalog
    ( Except individual courses and university degrees (Bachelor, Master))

  • Number Of Courses

    7.000+ online courses

Main Focus

Coursera offers courses in a wide range of topics, allowing learners to explore diverse fields of study. Here are some broad clusters of topics that Coursera covers:

  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Business and Finance
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health and Medicine
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Engineering
  • Arts and Music
  • Language Learning

How you will learn with Coursera

With the Coursera license you have access to nearly their entire course catalog. Here's a brief overview of a typical user experience for a Coursera course:

  • Enrollment: Users choose and enroll in a course of interest at any point of time. A Coursera course duration varies, typically lasting from a few weeks to a few months.
  • Accessing Course Materials: Users gain access to video lectures, readings, quizzes, and assignments. Mobile learning is supported through the Coursera app, enabling users to learn on-the-go using their smartphones or tablets.
  • Video Lectures: Users watch pre-recorded video lectures by expert instructors at their own pace.
  • Assignments and Assessments: Users complete quizzes, problem sets, or projects to apply their knowledge.
  • Discussion Forums: Peer-to-peer tasks involve users reviewing and providing feedback on assignments submitted by their peers, promoting critical thinking and a collaborative learning environment.
  • Progress Tracking: Users can monitor their progress through completed lectures, assignments, and assessments.
  • Certificate of Completion: Upon successful completion of a course, users can earn a certificate of completion, providing a recognized credential for their professional profile.

FAQs Coursera

What learning content can participants expect with Coursera?

Generally, a Coursera license gives learners 12-months unlimited access to most learning content on the Coursera platform, including a wide range of courses, skillsets, specialization and clips designed by Coursera in collaboration with more than 200 universities. Learners get access to an extensive course catalog on many different topics with a focus on Data, Technology and Economics. If learners prefer more guidance as to what content to chose, they will find pre-curated learning paths for mission critical role profiles according to the Group-wide skills gap analysis on their landing page. To find content that matches their learning needs, learners can preview the Coursera catalog here or get a first impression of the Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship Program site including pre-curated courses here.

Why learn with Coursera?

  • Coursera provides content in collboration with some of the world's leading universities (incl. University of Michigan, HEC and Johns Hopkins) and institutions (e.g. Google, BCG and
  • Highest possible flexibility: learning any time and from any place at the learner’s individual pace
  • Certificates of completion are issued by the institution that provides the content on the Coursera platform: a fast-track opportunity to obtain a sharable certificate from a top league university or renowned organization

What does the learning journey with Coursera look like?

The learning journey will be 1-year self guided. Students can learn in their own time, and there are no specific class hours when they need to be online. Courses include recorded and peer-reviewed video lectures, assignments, and discussion forums for student exchange. In addition, Coursera offers “SkillSets”, an individualized learning experience by which each learner is given personalized recommendations for high-quality learning content based on their level of knowledge, learning progress and their own learning objective. For more information on learning with Coursera, please visit:

How long will each Coursera course take?

Generally, courses can take between 1-6 weeks to complete. The average length of a course is between 5 to 15 hours. Coursera courses have been designed to allow learners to work at their own pace with bite-sized sessions and a self-paced learning model. The time varies by each course. Coursera keeps lectures and lessons short - with only a few minutes each - so learners can make meaningful progress in just a few minutes a day.

What are Coursera SkillSets and how do they work?

Coursera SkillSets are a special functionality to support targeted learning based on the individual requirements of a learner. Hence, they are a great way to facilitate individual reskilling scenarios.

Each SkillSet includes a group of skills relevant to a learner’s chosen learning goal. It makes personalized recommendations of premium curated content based on learners personal progress towards the target score of each skill required for his/her desired skillset. Progress is automatically measured based on the courses already taken on the Coursera platform plus the opportunity to assess previous experience and training from other learning sources. Learning content is taken from individual courses mapped specifically to the learning need at hand, rather than a full University program.

What are Coursera LevelSets and how do they work?

LevelSets are short assessments that calibrate content recommendations to your skill level. These assessments are for learners who want to demonstrate skill mastery, find the right starting point in their learning journey, and receive targeted recommendations to acquire new skills faster.

Once you've submitted a LevelSet assessment, your skill score will be updated to reflect your current knowledge base.
•    LevelSet scores make up a component of your overall skill score to provide you with targeted recommendations.
•    There are approximately 15-20 questions per assessment. Each question takes about a minute to complete.


You only get 2 attempts per assessment. Once you start it counts as an attempt. If you think you can do better, you can retake it.

Do students get a certificate when studying with Coursera?

Upon completion of a course, learners will be eligible to receive a shareable electronic course certificate. Certificates of completion are issued by the institution that is providing the content on the Coursera platform: a fast-track opportunity to obtain degree from a top league university or renowned tech organization.

When does the Coursera Scholarship take place?

  • Start: December 15, 2023
  • Activation Deadlines: March & June 2024
  • End: November 30, 2024