Skillsoft drives continuous growth and performance by overcoming critical skill gaps and unlocking human potential.

About Skillsoft

Skillsoft's learning platform is renowned for its comprehensive approach to professional development, catering to a wide array of business learning needs. With a focus on fostering continuous growth, Skillsoft offers a diverse range of courses spanning leadership development, technical skills, and more. From honing managerial abilities to mastering cutting-edge technologies, the platform equips learners with the knowledge and skills essential for thriving in today's dynamic business landscape. Whether it's enhancing soft skills, evaluating the knowledge level, delving into data analytics, or navigating regulatory frameworks, Skillsoft provides a holistic learning experience tailored to the evolving demands of the corporate world.

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Your Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Extensive content library with full-time access
  • Personalized learning paths for career goals
  • Practical application with hands-on tools
  • Adaptive learning for individual progress
  • Mobile accessibility for flexible learning
  • Skill Benchmark to better evaluate the level of knowledge
  • Target Group

    All employees from Bertelsmann Corporate, BI, BMG, arvato systems and RTL

  • Cost

    Free of charge

  • Level

    Beginners to experts

  • Languages

    English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish (Subtitles in a variety of languages available)

  • Format

    - Virtual live sessions
    - E-Learning
    - Blended Learning

  • Access

    Via Peoplenet

  • Platform

    Percipio platform, mobile and teams app

  • Duration


  • Scope

    Learning content on Leadership & Business and Tech & Data

  • Number Of Courses

    55.000+ online courses, books and audios

Main Focus

Skillsoft focuses on Leadership & Business as well as Tech & Data. Skillsoft believes that Leadership is a competency, not a role. They believe that every employee must behave like a leader to succeed, thats why the are offering a broad range to gain new leadership and business skills.

The next big pillar ist Tech and Data to build in-demand skills. The rapid change of tech brings new opportunities to grow. They claim to develop these skills faster with their personalized training solutions.

How you will learn with Skillsoft

You can find and access all Skillsoft courses on peoplenet learning. There are different modules avaiable:

  • Watch = Instructional designed, scenario-based and animated courses
  • Read = 24k books from industry-leading publisher
  • Listen = Industry´s largest collection of audiobooks
  • Practice = Facilitator guides, self-assessement tools and integrated mentoring


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