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Face-to-Face Online Language Training

Face-to-Face Online Language Training is available for all Bertelsmann employees worldwide. Trainers and students meet in a virtual classroom environment – regardless of whether they are currently at the office or traveling. Individual scheduling and short-notice cancellation options provide for flexibility in terms of both place and time.

The training is available in 14 languages as one-on-one training or in small groups with up to four participants: 
American and British English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese.

All interested employees can request a free trial lesson without obligation.

You don't have access to peoplenet? Please use this link.

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Learnship Elevate: Face-to-Face Online Language Training


The most valuable benefit of my course with Learnship was that I was able to work directly on my daily business issues, such as developing a specific vocabulary for communicating with my clients. This way, you learn quickly and make progress on what you really need.

Lucas van der Eijk, BMG Production Music, Netherlands

"What I like best about my German language training, through Learnship, is that my teacher adapts the content to my personal needs and interests. This helps me better understand living in Germany, while I am working as an Expat, and it makes the challenge of learning more fun."

Sasha Horowitz, Bertelsmann Inc. in New York, United States

"The training is very flexible and effective. You can adjust the course content exactly to your needs. Plus, it’s a good value."

Arantza Loizate, Bertelsmann España in Barcelona, Spain

"Face-to-Face Online Language Training is a fantastic alternative to normal classroom training. Using a combined phone and webcam makes it easier to develop a personal relationship with your trainer despite the distance."

Stefanie Simon, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Gütersloh, Germany