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A New Suite of Free Data And Cloud Courses for Bertelsmann Employees

Bertelsmann University presents new, free collections of courses that give employees an opportunity to learn more about the fields of Data and Cloud. The “Data Science” suite covers a total of seven individual areas. The “Cloud” collection gives a foretaste of the Cloud Curriculum, which is still at the planning stage.


At a time when employees are working from home and are mainly accessing relevant business data via cloud services, and when scientists and politicians are using a wide range of data and models to investigate how the coronavirus pandemic and global economic events will develop, it becomes especially clear how important Cloud, Data, and Artificial Intelligence technologies are for all of us. These topics also play an important role for many areas at Bertelsmann. For one, the possibilities opened up by these technologies help increase the efficiency and productivity of various businesses; and for another, the Group can use them to tap additional revenue potential and develop new lines of business. Bertelsmann University is now offering a diverse range of initiatives and courses to give all employees access to the necessary skills in these key technologies. 

For one, the university has now announced a new, free collection of LinkedIn Learning courses on Data Science in addition to the Data Curriculum.  As an introduction to the field of cloud computing, it is also offering the free Getting started with the Cloud  course collection. Back in March, Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Rabe had announced a comprehensive education initiative for Bertelsmann employees (see blog report). Since then, Bertelsmann University has been regularly publishing new online learning offerings, including with partners such as Udacity and LinkedIn Learning. The Udacity Technology Scholarship Program enters its second round this fall with another 15,000 scholarships. 

The Data Science course collection is now available on Peoplenet. Employees are given an overview of the many different jobs in the field of Data Science and can familiarize themselves with related topics. In addition to an overarching collection on the subject, there are six individual subareas corresponding to the six data roles from the Data Curriculum. For instance, in the Data Steward collection, interested parties can learn about the significance of data sets, enabling them to act as interpreters between data science teams and business partners. 

For interested employees who would like to better understand the concept of cloud technology and get an idea of how the Cloud can add value to the Group’s companies, the Getting Started with the Cloud course collection provides an introduction to the core concepts of cloud technology, along with a wealth of content delving deeper into the topic. Similar to the Data Curriculum, Bertelsmann University is planning a Cloud Curriculum in the near future, which can be enrolled in after taking this introduction. In addition to established partners like Coursera and Udacity, the leading cloud providers AWS, Azure, and Google will also offer an extensive selection of online training courses at that point. (benet)

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