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Bertelsmann University now offers ‘AI Masterclasses’ for all interested employees

Starting in September, we will offer employees worldwide virtual training courses on “Generative AI.” The goal of the “AI Masterclasses” is to learn how to use AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney and to optimize workflows. The courses on initially three main topics can be booked now via peoplenet.

With the high-profile launch of “ChatGPT” if not before, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in our everyday lives has reached a new dimension. “Generative AI,” or artificial intelligence capable of creating content such as texts, is already being used in many areas – at Bertelsmann, a dedicated Group-wide community is exploring the possibilities of this technology. But how can AI be used by and for everyone in the workplace? Bertelsmann University is now offering Bertelsmann employees worldwide virtual training courses, initially on three main topics, which can be booked via peoplenet. Teo Pham, a well-known speaker, podcast host, influencer, and AI expert  who has already informed various Group committees about the latest developments in this area, has been recruited for the “AI Masterclasses.”

Perhaps even develop new business ideas

The objective of the “AI Masterclasses” is to learn how to use AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, optimize workflows, initiate new creative processes, and perhaps even develop new business ideas. In the courses, learners are introduced to the generative AI tools and practice using them in a hands-on, virtual training environment together with Bertelsmann colleagues.

The first few dates for virtual live training sessions can be booked now on peoplenet:

  • September 21 and 22: 3-5 PM (CEST), Target audience: Business Professionals and all interested parties.
  • September 28 and 29: 3-5 PM (CEST), target group: marketing & design
  • October 11 and 12: 3-5 PM (CEST), target group: Human Resources.

Courses will be held in English and are limited to 20 participants per group. The cost is €499 per person and will be charged to the respective cost center.

According to Bertelsmann University, the “AI Masterclasses”
are aimed at:

  • All employees who want to improve their productivity in their day-to-day office work.
  • Executives and experts who understand the AI landscape and business models and want to increase their productivity through an effective use of AI tools (for example, for research, data analysis, and presentations).
  • Marketers and professionals who want to use AI to create business models, marketing strategies, product copy, SEO content, keyword strategies, and websites.
  • Social media managers and content creators who want to learn how to use AI to improve and speed up their production of copy, images, videos and podcasts
  • HR professionals who want to improve typical HR-related tasks and processes

For more information and to register for the “AI Masterclasses,” please click on the link provided. Further “Masterclass” dates are in planning, including some in German. If you have a need for additional topics, please send your requests to Jennifer Meindel, Head of Tech & Data Programs at Bertelsmann University. One more note: Group companies can benefit from the Bertelsmann framework agreement and offer their colleagues their own courses for entire teams. If you are interested, Jennifer Meindel will be happy to provide more information.