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New E-Learning: 'Healthy Leadership' for Strong Performance

Leaders have a direct influence on the performance and health of their employees. The new e-learning program “Healthy Leadership – Strong Performance!” of the Bertelsmann Health Management explains how they can optimally use their role to promote the development of their employees. The e-learning course is free of charge and requires approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Especially in times of increasing work load, psychological stress and a transforming working world, health is the basis for productivity, creativity, and success. Bertelsmann’s CHRO Immanuel Hermreck underlines: “Health is not only a desirable goal for every single one of us, but healthy employees are also very important for Bertelsmann as a company. Employees who are supported in their daily working life through sustainable health management also enjoy coming to work and are motivated and, thereby, form the basis for our success.” Leaders play a decisive role in this process: Now, the new e-learning program shows them how they can use their creative freedom in a way that they and their colleagues can do an excellent job – healthy and full of energy.

Titled “Healthy Leadership – Strong Performance!”, the free 30-minute online course is available for HR and health managers to integrate into their programs and is also part of the Leadership Journeys of Bertelsmann University. The goal is to make health a self-evident element of leadership competence at Bertelsmann, according to Martin Kewitsch, Executive Vice President HR Coordination & Shared Services at Bertelsmann.

Based on defined levels, leaders can learn how to optimally utilize their creative leeway. Helpful checklists, guidelines and comprehensive information material enable individual in-depth examination of and occupation with the subject “Healthy Leadership”. In short video clips, managers at Bertelsmann talk about their experiences with this issue in Germany and about the developments they have observed. 

“Healthy Leadership” as a major key

Satisfaction and the determination to perform are closely connected to the relationship with one’s supervisor or manager – this is old news according to experts. It is also a proven fact that leaders have a direct influence on the performance, well-being and, therefore, health of their employees. Martin Kewitsch: “Healthy leadership and the creation of an appropriate working environment are central for leaders to securing sustainably good results in their department.” 

Healthy leadership consists of three key tools: the direct leadership behavior in everyday working life, the creation of health-promoting framework conditions, and the awareness for the personal well-being as well as the associated role model effect. “It is not about our leaders having to be athletes or nutrition experts to be good role models,” said Lorena Israel Findley, Senior Director Health Management. “It is about doing what we do as healthily as possible.” One thing is certain: Employees who feel that they are an important part of the big picture and feel appreciated at their workplace can also better handle high workloads and stress. 

Lorena Israel Findley is available to answer your questions about Health Management and “Healthy Leaderhip”.

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