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Your Campus - Executives Edition: First pilot starts next week

In the new edition of the “Your Campus” digital learning initiative, top-level and senior managers will share their knowledge and experience with interested colleagues from across the Group. The new sessions will take place between April 27 and May 23. Registrations are now open.

Following last year’s success with more than 180 sessions and some 1,500 participants, a new, smaller edition of the digital, Group-wide “Your Campus” learning initiative will start next week. This time, individual top- and senior-level managers from across the Bertelsmann Group were specifically approached to share their knowledge and experience with interested colleagues. The result is a small but fine selection of exciting topics presented by executives from various divisions.

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Increasing importance of a learning culture in the Group

Dörte Wickenhagen, who is responsible for the “Your Campus” initiative, sees the new edition as an important signal for the increasing importance of a learning culture in the Group. “Managers play an essential role in developing and establishing a learning culture in organizations,” she says. “They are formative in establishing the necessary conditions and an environment conducive to learning. Modeling the desired behavior, namely learning from and with each other and sharing expertise and knowledge, is one of the key factors that shape a culture of learning. We are therefore delighted that so many executives accepted the invitation and invested their limited time, and we naturally hope that more executives will take on the role of trainers and participate in ‘Your Campus’ in the future.”


Amy King, Chief Marketing Officer at Relias, a Bertelsmann Education Group company, was one of the executives recruited as a trainer for the new edition of “Your Campus.” “One of our greatest strengths at Bertelsmann is the diverse experience and knowledge of the executives in our corporate family,” she says.

The new sessions of “Your Campus” will take place between April 27 and May 23. As usual, an overview of the individual events can be found on the Bertelsmann University website; registrations are now open​​​​​​​. And according to the organizers, this edition of the digital learning initiative won’t be the last this year: Preparations are already underway for the next edition, to which all colleagues at Bertelsmann are invited to contribute their knowledge and skills, not just top executives. It is planned for the fall. The registration phase for trainers will begin before the summer break.