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Generative AI Masterclass

Enhance your day-to-day work by learning how to choose, prompt and master Gen AI tools

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Dr. Teo Pham

Min. 8 participants
Max. 20 participants
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Individual participants register via peoplenet: Interested in a more individual class for your team or organization? Bertelsmann companies can book with Teo at Bertelsmann-specific rates. For more information, please reach out to Bertelsmann University.
499 €
New dates soon
2 virtual live training sessions,
approx. 2 hours each

Generative Artificial Intelligence is the most important technology trend of the decade. Mastering tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney can dramatically boost your creativity, increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work. This coding-free masterclass is made for workplace users and will teach you how to use AI tools in order to improve your business performance and increase your productivity.

What you will learn

  • Get an overview of AI technology, ecosystems, strategy & business models 
  • Explore why AI is becoming the biggest trend of the decade 
  • Explore helpful AI applications for your daily work 
  • Understand the AI landscape and learn about 
    • AI fundamentals 
    • AI technology 
    • AI business models 
    • Best practices & case studies 
    • Applications for business, marketing & content creation 
    • AI & the future of work 
  • Depending on the target group of your chosen masterclass, we will take a closer look at tools for e.g. 
    • General workplace productivity 
    • Creating presentations  
    • Producing written content 
    • Research, data analysis  
    • Marketing, SEO & copywriting 
    • Image generation 
    • Video & podcast editing 
    • HR tasks and processes 
    • etc.
  • Hands-on examples and live exercises using the best AI tools
    • ChatGPT + plugins 
    • ChatGPT + Code Intepreter 
    • ChatGPT + Google Sheets 
    • Midjourney 
    • Canva, Adobe Photoshop 
    • Synthesia 
    • Opus Clip 
    • Descript 
    • Synthesia 
    • Gamma 
    • etc.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone looking to improve their productivity in day-to-day office tasks  
  • Business professionals who strive to understand the AI landscape and business models. Increase your productivity by effectively using AI tools (e.g. for research, data analysis and presentations)
  • Marketers & professionals who would like to use AI to create business models, marketing strategies, product texts, SEO content, keyword strategies and websites 
  • Social media managers & content creators who want to learn how to create text, images, videos and podcasts better and faster with the help of AI 
  • HR professionals who are looking to improve typical HR-related tasks and processes for increased speed and accuracy

Generally, all of our masterclasses are useful for everyone. However, by signing up for a masterclass tailored to your specific target group, you will see more use cases relevant for this group.

What you can expect

  • In a nutshell: Get an overview of the tools landscape and take the opportunity to dive deeper into use case scenarios that are most relevant for you (Marketing, HR, Video, Audio,…) 
  • Practical and hands-on exercises using a range of AI tools 
  • Working in small groups, consisting of Bertelsmann peers with similar challenges 
  • Ask your questions and get individual support as you try things out