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Data Science Principles

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Harvard Online 

HBS Online is an online education platform by Harvard Business School which offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts, enabling committed learners to transform their careers, their organizations, and their lives. HBS online is committed to staying true to the HBS mission: to educate leaders who make a difference in the world, using an active, social, and case-based learning model. Learners immerse themselves in real-world challenges facing seasoned business leaders and discuss and debate solutions with peers from around the world—all while learning from renowned Harvard Business School faculty. 

Data Science Principles

  • A code and math free introduction to key data science concepts with a focus on how a non-expert can successfully interface with experts in the field.

Who should attend

  • Managers and executives who would like to get an introduction to Data Science
  • Bertelsmann’s Top and Senior Management
  • Leaders of business and/or organization
  • Leaders of function

What you learn

  • Comprehend the modern data science landscape and terminology to navigate a data-driven world 
  • Recognize major concepts and tools in the field of data science and determine where they can be applied with impact 
  • Appreciate the importance of curating, organizing, and wrangling data
  • Explain uncertainty, causality, and data quality—and the ways in which they relate to each other 
  • Understand the consequences of data use and misuse and know when more data may be needed or when to change approaches

How you learn

  • Data Science Principles is a self-paced program with weekly deadlines delivered via the HBS Online course platform.
  • The platform features short videos by HBS faculty and guest business experts, interactive exercises and an exchange platform which you will be using to interact and engage you with your cohort peers. Lessons are brought to life through real-world cases from a range of industry sectors.
  • In order to earn a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Business School Online, participants must thoughtfully complete all 7 modules, including associated quizzes and peer engagement exercises within the given deadlines.