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Leadership Lab: Designing a Generative AI Strategy for your Business

This program will guide you and your team in developing a deep understanding of the strategic and operational implications of Generative AI on your businesses and to lay the groundwork for navigating resulting opportunities and challenges. 

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Max. 5 Top Executives + their teams
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This digital series is part of the Top Executives Specials’ landscape. These programs are board-sponsored and by invitation only. Eligible persons will be automatically invited to participate on a regular basis.
4,600 € per team, plus hotel, board and travel expenses.

With your registration you will automatically receive a “team-ticket”.
Date and location
New dates soon
2.5 days plus digital pre-/post sessions

What you will learn

While the workshop is customized for you, we generally adhere to Nunatak’s Generative AI playbook to ensure an outcome-focused environment:

  • Understand the immediate and indirect effects on your business, while identifying opportunities
  • Analyze the tech environment and ensure seamless integration
  • Craft an organizational ecosystem that provides a robust foundation
  • Design processes and roles that efficiently combine human and artificial intelligence
  • Define steps for successful strategy implementation
  • Set a quality control framework
  • Engage with critical ethical considerations, fostering an understanding of responsible AI-use


As a team you will walk out of this program, equipped with:

  • A deep and shared understanding of the impact of Generative AI on your organization
  • Insights on how to leverage Generative AI
  • A strategic, implementation-ready roadmap enabling you to respond quickly and mindfully to opportunities and risks of Generative AI to your business
  • Concrete next steps to follow through with executing your Generative AI strategy 
  • A vision of a highly functional ecosystem to ensure that your organization can realize the potentials of this new technology

Who will benefit

Top Executives who

  • Would like to strategically explore the potential of Generative AI for their business
  • Would like to achieve a deeper understanding how Generative AI can boost new business models and innovation capabilities
  • Would like to recognize the profound power of Generative AI over society, markets and individuals, calling for its mindful deployment and the informed mitigation of resulting risk
  • Own the process of strategically (re-) designing their organization towards an AI supported future
  • Seek to form a shared topical view and vision with their leadership team