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Leading Transformation and Disruption

Leading your business through transformation and disruption

Technological disruption drives transformational opportunities: Discover entirely new growth prospects with thought-leading faculty at Stanford University

Closed GroupClosed Group
Min. 40 participants
Max. 50 participants
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Nomination by divisional Heads of HR only
Participants pay hotel and travel expenses
Date and location

Campus Stanford University, Stanford/USA

3 days (+ pre-/post online)

What you will learn

Core topics include:

  • Organizing for change, incl. how to scale for transformation and growth
  • (Dis-)Assembling value chains and the implications of ‘organizational IQ’
  • Being exposed to and applying exponential technologies to seed a mindset and skillset based on leveraging emerging technologies
  • Installing a leadership culture of ambidextrous leadership while understanding the neuroscience of innovation, disruption and decision-making

You will:

  • Explore a mind-set of strategic leadership to drive innovation and transformation within their respective businesses as well as within a larger organization
  • Be introduced to and start applying developments in exponential technology

Who will benefit

  • Group Exectives, e.g.:
    • Leaders responsible for an overall business (including strategy, overall budget etc.) or
    • Leaders of a function or a business unit, accountable for developing (functional) strategy in their area of responsibility
  • Members and alumni of the Top Management Pool
  • MSA program is prerequisite*  (*Exceptions need to be discussed individually)                            
  • 40-50 participants in total

What you can expect

Classroom sessions include:

  • 3-day program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (SGSB) and at/with Singularity University, Palo Alto/CA
  • Case studies and practical workshops with SGSB and other learning partners
  • Innovative methods of learning and group discussion
  • LTD may also include virtual/online learning