Bertelsmann Learning Days

Mastering People Analytics - Transforming Into Data-Driven HR

2 days of virtual sessions for learning experts and HR professionals:
Introducing the importance of data and people analysis in general and in relation to ESG reporting.

Improve your data literacy and people analytics skills

The preparation and understanding of data are becoming increasingly important for all HR departments due to the implementation of the new system HRlytics. Learn how to effectively utilize people analytics for collecting and analyzing workforce data, enabling you to make smart, evidence-based decisions. We are focusing in particular on the topic of data and how this will affect daily business in concrete terms.

Online Game: Analysis Paralysis

Join our interactive online game to discover in a group of 5 participants how to detect relevant data, ensure data quality and provide data to decision makers. Experiment in a fun gaming environment!


Listen attentively, ask questions and align your work accordingly to further your professional development. We have great internal speakers on these important topics.



In what language will the sessions being offered?

We will offer all sessions in English language, because we would like to include the greatest possible number of colleagues across Bertelsmann.

How can I sign up?


Please just klick on the Learning Days block schedule. By clicking on each session you will see a little introduction text and the possibility to add the outlook invite to your calender. Please make sure to actively accept the outlook invite. This way we will have the chance to contact you via the outlook invite, in case of any amendments or pre-readings.

Online Game

Please sign up for the online game using the registration form. A separate confirmation mail will be sent for the game, as seats are limited. After successful registration, you will receive the calendar entry for your groups' game session. Please make sure to cancel in case you can not join: The groups will consist of max 5 people. This would enable us to invite another colleague instead to offer them the full experience.

How many participants are allowed per session?

Online Game: For the full gaming experience we can only accept 5 people per group. We will offer 5 groups per agenda slot. In total 50 colleagues will have the chance to join.

Keynotes: Based on past experiences, there is no limit for lectures and presentations.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, like last year, we will record each keynote session and upload them on peoplenet afterwards. The online games won't be recorded.


Watch the recordings of previous Bertelsmann Learning Days

For all new HR colleagues or those who unfortunately couldn't participate: Please feel free to check out the recordings of the last years! In 2022, the digital learning platforms were presented. Digital learning platforms will be crucial to close current and future skills gaps, especially in a post-pandemic time. In the sessions the latest features and trends of digital learning platforms were presented. In 2023, the focus of the latest round of Learning Days was on learning initiatives and programs. In the sessions our strategic activities and program offerings to prepare experts as well as executives for such challenges going forward were presented.


Recordings 2022 - Digital Learning PlatformsRecordings 2023 - Learning Programs & Initiatives