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Introducing: Udacity!

In order to create the right offer for everyone in an international group, we offer a wide range of digital training options. This allows you to learn flexibly, regardless of time or place – even from your home office. Are you wondering whether online training is right for you? Do you find it difficult to find the right learning partner for you among all the offers? To give you a better overview, we are introducing our cooperation partners to you in a new series!

Meet Udacity!

Udacity is a private online education platform that offers hands-on, technology-focused online courses in partnership with leading tech companies. Udacity’s Nanodegree programs are developed in collaboration with in-dustry leaders and are designed with lifelong learning in mind. The curriculum content concentrates on digital marketing, software development, data science, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and more.​

Important: You can go through us to book all the available Udacity Nanodegrees that can be found on the Udacity website as well.



5 reasons why you should purchase a Udacity license for you / your employees through Bertelsmann University:

  1. Stay flexible: You complete your Nanodegree faster than expected? No problem! Complete another course within the 6-month license period, or share your license with a colleague. During your Nanodegree, you figure out that you’d prefer to work on another topic? No problem! You can switch to a different Nanodegree course once a month.

  2. Within a company or a team, you can share a license also among several employees over the license period. Thus, colleagues can support each other and the licenses can be used even more efficiently. Learners can switch between all available nanodegrees on a monthly basis. 

  3. We welcome Bertelsmann employees in optional virtual welcome sessions and support the start of their digital learning journey. In addition, expert Udacity mentors accompany you through your projects and answer your questions.

  4. As an employee of the Bertelsmann Group, you get the 6-month license at a discounted price. Your company bears the cost of the license and is charged through in-house invoicing (no personal credit card required).

  5. Learn new tech skills by working on real projects created in collaboration with world-class companies such as Google (and Arvato).

Customized learning content for the targeted acquisition of Bertelsmann-relevant skills!

We are constantly working on new curricula that support the development of cutting-edge skills in a wide range of areas. Are you familiar with the Bertelsmann Tech Curricula? Udacity offers an individualized learning path for each of Bertelsmann’s own role and competency profiles in the AI Curriculum, Cloud Curriculum and Data Curriculum. This lets you view the nanodegrees associated with the role at a glance.

Of course, you also get access to all other nanodegrees. Just follow this link to go directly to peoplenet for registration! 

Udacity Key Facts at a glance:

  • Flexible solutions for employees via enterprise offering for companies
  • Costs: €1,950 per 6-months-license 
  • Starting dates 2x per year (Find exact dates on program website and on peoplenet)
  • Registration via peoplenet 

Any further questions? Contact at any time! Even aside from the official cohort starting dates, there is a good chance we have some empty seats for late starters. Please contact us to find out.

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