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Let us introduce: Learning with Coursera!

New feature unlocked: Use Coursera's SkillSets to best achieve your chosen learning goal.

Each SkillSet includes a group of skills that are relevant to your chosen learning goal. The learning content is not taken from a full university program, but from individual courses specifically designed to suit your learning requirements. You are offered personalized recommendations for high-quality, curated content based on your personal learning progress within a SkillSet. Progress is automatically measured based on the Coursera courses you have already completed. In addition, there is the option to include knowledge and training you have brought with you from other learning sources. To appropriately recognize your efforts, you will receive a special badge documenting your achievement after completing a skillset.

In addition, selected Bertelsmann training programs, such as the Bertelsmann Tech Curricula or the Bertelsmann Product Management Learning Set, offer a variety of predefined skillsets to improve and further individualize your learning experience.



To create the right offer for everyone in an international group, we offer a wide range of digital training courses. This allows you to learn flexibly and independently of time and place - even in the home office. Are you asking yourself whether online continuous education is the right course for you? Do you think it is difficult to find the right learning partner among all the offers? Therefore, we would like to introduce our cooperation partners and give you a better overview in a new series!

This is Coursera

Coursera is a private online education provider and offers a comprehensive catalogue of courses in many different subject areas. The focus is on data, technology and business critical skills. Take advantage of the Coursera Community and exchange ideas with each other! Learn together with other peers and let experts evaluate the completed tasks. In active learner communities you can exchange experiences and best practice solutions and build networks.

5 reasons why you should get a Coursera licence for yourself or your employees:

  • You, as an employee of the Bertelsmann Group, will receive the annual licence at a reduced price.
  • With each course successfully completed, you will receive a certificate from the respective learning provider. More than 190 of the world's leading universities (e.g. Yale) and organisations use Coursera to offer their courses. Let your desk become the campus of a renowned university or learn from leading tech companies, such as Google.
  • Are you looking for a platform that will also convince other international companies? Over 72 million people are learning with Coursera. Google even educates all cloud content exclusively with Coursera. Even colleagues from the Bertelsmann world have already decided to learn with this provider:

"Our journey to be the most client-focused and data/IT driven international supply chain management company has a significant focus on encouraging a Growth Mind-set and building digital capability through participation in our Digital Champions Program.", reveals Linda Coughlan, Arvato SCS. "A central pillar of the program is self-paced learning, where our more than 200 international transformation innovators and early adopters can deepen their digital/technical skills and understanding." We recognise that we have to satisfy a diverse range of needs (some participants are deeply technical oriented and some have little digital knowledge). We also recognise that - as a global organization - we need to offer a flexible and scalable learning solution. We found a partner who can meet this need, which is Coursera. Coursera’s platform provides exceptional content from highly reputable educational institutions, as well as leading technology companies. Additionally, the licencing option where participants have access for 12 months means that our colleagues have sufficient time to make use of this great content!" 

  • Would you like to learn together with Bertelsmann colleagues to motivate each other and stay on the ball? If so, then we do recommend our hybrid program, the Bertelsmann Business Trail, for example. You have the possibility to expand you knowledge and to learn business management know-how in the new one-year online course on the Coursera platform. Whether you join the same courses or study different content: We offer flexible possibilities to use the range. Ulrich Daubmann, DPV Deutscher Pressevertrieb GmbH, talks about his Coursera experiences:

"I have recently joined the company and I am especially pleased to be able to take the chance from my manager to use Coursera, to specifically develop my skills in the necessary areas. In Coursera's large catalogue, you can usually find something appropriate, which is why Coursera is always the first choice for my colleagues and me. Furthermore, we as a whole team have licences available and can exchange information among ourselves about what we have learned and how to implement it at work. This makes it optimal for us.”

  • Customised learning content for the targeted acquisition of Bertelsmann relevant skills! We are constantly working on new curricula which support you and your employees in expanding future-oriented skills in a wide range of areas. Do you already know the Bertelsmann Tech Curricula? For each of Bertelsmann's own competence profiles in the Cloud and Data Curriculum, an individually tailored landing page is available at Coursera. This way, you can check quality-tested and curated content at a glance. Would you like to purchase the licence independently of the curriculum? Of course, all other courses in the Coursera library can be used as well. Please, just follow this link and login directly to peoplenet for registration!  If you acquire several licences, it is possible to create an individualised landing page also for you.

The most important information about Coursera at a glance:

  • Costs 339€ per license per year
  • Start date 4x per year (the exact dates can be found on peoplenet)
  • Registration via peoplenet 
  • Further questions? You can send enquiries at any time to

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