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Now Is The Time To Prepare For Performance & Development Dialogs

In the coming weeks, employees will once again be holding their annual Performance & Development Dialogs with their supervisors. Professional and personal development also play an important role in this dialog, and Peoplenet and our digital learning offer, among others, provide numerous opportunities for this.

This year as every year, Bertelsmann employees can take advantage of the Performance & Development Dialogs to reflect with their supervisors on their performance and behavior over the past year and discuss opportunities for professional and personal development. This regular exchange is an integral part of Bertelsmann’s corporate culture. In particular, these personal conversations provide an opportunity to identify individual strengths and areas for development and to jointly agree on specific measures for professional and personal development.

Several thousand online courses that we offer

Once possible fields of development for existing or new areas of responsibility have been defined, the required skills, competencies and knowledge required should be considered. Besides the appropriate specialist and company-specific qualification measures offered by the companies and divisions, which the respective HR departments can tell you more about, Peoplenet and Bertelsmann University also offer upskilling opportunities for all employees in the Group. Centrally purchased courses from providers such as LinkedIn Learning alone already offer a broad portfolio of more than 17,000 digital courses. In addition, there are specially curated course collections for specific topics, which are constantly updated to ensure the content is completely up to date. In addition, we offer Group-wide learning offerings:

New: All nanodegree programs now bookable at Udacity

A new “All Access” license allows employees to access not only a specific Nanodegree course (such as the tech courses defined in the Employee Scholarship Program), but the entire Udacity catalog, including

  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI
  • User Experience

In addition, the “Discovery” and “Fluency” offers give you the opportunity to take “taster” courses. The idea is to get an impression of whether the way the course content is taught at Udacity can really build the skills you need for your development and whether you can learn to use these skills in everyday life with this provider. Start dates are available every month, the next one is March 18. More information under this link.

Free course collections

On our website you will find free course collections on various topics, such as

  • Essential New Skills in Project Management
  • Develop Your Creative Thinking and Innovation Skills
  • Building Generative AI Skills for Business Professionals

Group-wide digital learning opportunities are also available for managers and HR employees in the Group. These two target groups are of particular importance in shaping the workforce and work processes to ensure that the relevant knowledge and skills are available in the company and that opportunities are created to expand them, systematically and continuously.

Providers such as AIHR offer a wide range of courses for HR profiles at all levels. Data analysis and HR analytics skills are particularly valuable for the Group’s own role profile at this time, especially in connection with the ESG Directive coming into force this year. In addition to other skills, managers need to further develop their knowledge of “understanding data as a basis for business decisions.” Here, Harvard University offers a code- and math-free introduction to the most important concepts of data science. The aim is to enable managers to work successfully with experts in this field.

You can learn more about the complete range of courses offered by us and the most popular courses on our Bertelsmann University website.