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Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) - License

Stay ahead with the latest and in-demand skills for your HR Future

Build a better HR skill set with AIHR! Develop the latest HR skills. Learn by doing, advance your career, and get the tools to succeed in the new world of work.

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What you will learn

You learn modern and relevant skills for your professionality in HR in various online courses, such as ChatGPT for HR or Desgin Thinking & Employee Expierence. Find the full course overview here: Course overview 

In addtition, you can also choose from 13 HR qualifications on specific topics: 

Guided Learning Journeys - Upskilling in People Analytics: With your AIHR annual license, you have the opportunity to participate in one of the two learning journeys around the topic of people analytics, accompanied by the Bertelsmann People Analytics Team. Please find more information under downloads

Who will benefit

All Bertelsmann employees who deal with HR topics and want to deepen their knowledge in the HR field.

What you can expect

  • Receive one-year access to the AIHR platform 
  • Gain access to a variety of learning formats, including online courses, a community, and a resource library
  • Take advantage of the latest content and skills to stay ahead of the curve 
  • Benefit from HR Practitioner Network & Coaches 
  • Enjoy a fully online & self-paced learning experience

For more information about AIHR, please visit the respective Provider Page.


What should I expect when taking a program? 

As the AIHR programs are built to be completely self-paced, the primary method of delivery is prerecorded video modules. This way you can build your development into a schedule that works the best for you. You will also have many reading materials in the form of articles, case studies, and more! 

For the technical modules, data sets will be provided so that you will be able to work hands-on in the programs along with the lessons. You will also be able to use these for your quizzes and assignments

For Certificate Programs, you will also have a full assessment which will combine the learning from the entire program into one Capstone Project.  

In order to see some of the core learning material, please take a look at these Preview Lessons. Here you will be able to see some of the raw lessons in action and an expectation of what the platform experience will be like!  


Quizzes & Assignments: What assessments are there throughout the programs?

For Certificate Programs there is a final project (which is graded) that you will need to complete in order to receive your certification. 
This is the Capstone Project.  

For stand-alone courses, there is no final examination.

For both types of programs, the following knowledge checks will be included: 

  • Quizzes are multiple-choice and you will receive an immediate grade back based on your responses. There will be a multitude of quizzes throughout the program. 

You will be able to retake quizzes at any time throughout the program.  

  • Assignments are more comprehensive, having you apply your skills in a hands-on, practical application. Assignments are purely for self-practice, and are not directly graded by the instructors. We highly recommend submitting your assignment directly in the program for peer-to-peer review.  

Capstone Projects: What is a Capstone Project, and how does it work? 

A Capstone Project is the final project for our Certificate Programs. You need a passing grade on this project in order to receive your Certification.   

With the capstone project, you will apply your learnings to complete a series of assignments. The project covers a wide range of topics included in the Certificate Programs, so that you can confidently initiate and participate in related projects in your daily work. 

These will be made of multiple parts: 

  1. Templates & Guides that you will be able to utilize in your work right away.  
  2. Interactive Case Studies: where you apply the skills that you have gained, as well as benchmark yourself/organization with others in the industry. 
  3. Exam: The exam portion of this project will be multiple choice and rated as Pass/Fail. 

Each Capstone Project is unique to the program that you are participating in. 

Additional Information: 

1. Do I need a live organization in order to complete the projects? 

  • No! Information required to complete the Capstone Projects will be included, and we highly recommend thinking back to organizations that you have worked with to think of how you could have applied these learnings in your daily work.  

    For the Technical aspects of the Projects, Datasets will be provided. 

2. What happens if I fail the project? 

  • In case you do not pass the Capstone Exam the first time around, you will be able to use the feedback to retake the exam.

3. Where can I claim my Certificate? 

  • You will be able to claim your certificate immediately upon passing the exam, no need to wait!  

Do I receive a certificate at the end of my program(s)?

Yes! You will receive a digital certificate that has a unique identification code, and that can be validated at any time for every program that you complete.   

Full Academy License

As a Full Academy License Learner, you will not be required to complete all programs before receiving your certificate. You will be able to claim an individual certificate for each program as you complete them. 

Certificate Programs 

In order to complete the program and claim your certificate, you will need to complete all assignments and pass each program's respective Capstone Project.  

You will be able to claim your certificate directly from the end of the Capstone Exam upon passing.  

Stand-alone Courses  

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course for completing all modules, quizzes, and assignments. There is no formal assessment for stand-alone courses.  

Sharing your Certificate 

Of course, we want you to show off your completed programs and new skills!  

 Approximately 30 minutes after receiving your certificate, you will receive all the necessary information to add your certificate and program details to your LinkedIn profile.  

You can also find the information needed to post your certificate to LinkedIn within the certificate validator. The information is as follows: 

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 08.21.06 

  1. Name: This is the name of the program that is listed on the certificate validation page. 
  2. Issuing Organization: AIHR | Academy to Innovate HR 
  3. Issue date: The issue date of the certificate is listed on the certificate validation page. 
  4. Expiration date: click the 'This credential does not expire' checkbox. 
  5. Credential ID: ​This is located on the PDF Certificate in the bottom-left corner or the URL of your certificate link. 
  6. Credential URL: This is the URL sent to you when you claim your certificate 

Live Events: Are they offered and how can I attend?

AIHR offer live sessions in addition to the normal learning materials, however, they are not a part of any specific program.  

The live sessions are completely optional to attend and are hosted exclusively in the community! 

During these live sessions, you will be able to interact more closely with industry experts and instructors on key topics in today's growing HR field.  

What is the Career Center?

The Career Center is included in your enrollment along side our course offering. 

You will learn how you can leverage your new-found skills in your professional life and achieve success on your career path. This will include practical resources to help you advance your career in HR.

Some of those resources are: 

  • Personal Branding - Build a strong personal brand for a positive presence.  
  • Career Options - Determine what paths are available, and which will be best for you.  
  • Career Planning & Promotions - Learn how to prepare for the future of your career.  
  • Networking - Learn to grow a successful network. 
  • Interviewing - Learn how to make the most of every chance you get.  

Program Subtitles: Do AIHR offer programs in different languages?

All information within the programs and platform is English. However, AIHR do offer Spanish subtitles for video lessons within the platform, and are beginning to grow base of Portuguese subtitles as well. 

All lessons and programs will also include English Subtitles for your convenience.  

As AIHR offer a platform for learners around the globe, all community information, posts, and comments are in English as well.  

* Some learners have used translation services in order to translate the written information within the Academy, however, not all translation services are 100% accurate and we recommend using this at your own discretion. 

To turn these subtitles on; Navigate to 'CC' Icon in the bottom-right of the video.