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CoachHub - Digital Coaching

Strengths-based 1-on-1 virtual live coaching

Your personal coach will help you discover new perspectives and behaviors to reach your business and entrepreneurial goals

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Booking information
For progamatic / project - related booking requests for more than 10 persons please contact
2.280 € (380€/months)
6 month-license
At a minimum you will arrange a session (45 minutes) every two weeks and at a maximum two sessions per week.

What you will learn

CoachHub's strenghts-based approach to coaching will help you identify and understand your unique resources and use them in a way that will help you overcome your boundaries, reach your goals and advance your career. Or it may just help you settle an inner conflict and develop fresh perspectives or renewed confidence. Whatever question or topic you would like to work on, CoachHub's certified coaches will be happy to help you move forward and thrive. And it absolutely goes without saying that whatever you choose to discuss in your coaching setting will be treated strictly and 100% confidential. You - and you alone -  are in the driver seat of your coaching process and you get to choose what to share and when.

  • Get the support to grow professionally and personally, whenever and wherever you need it
  • Find a coach that works perfectly for you and who (not only literally) speaks your language
  • Discover and address your own development goals
  • Explore new perspectives and behaviors that help you come closer to where you want to be

Who will benefit

All Bertelsmann Employees worldwide, who are look for an individual coaching.

What you can expect

CoachHub is a digital coaching platform that offers unlimited virtual live coaching for the duration of your license. You will be paired up with a certified coach that matches your development aspirations and who will help you identify and work on your goals during the coaching process.