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Creative Leadership Curriculum

Build a creative culture with your team

Support selected creative talent at Bertelsmann as they emerge into management and leadership roles

Closed GroupClosed Group
Max. 20 participants
Booking information
Nomination by divisional Heads of HR only
Participants pay hotel and travel expenses
Date and location

Module 2 2024: on-site
September/October 2024
Berlin, Germany

Module 1: 5 virtual sessions
Module 2: 3 days on-site

What you will learn

  • Strategy and business development, including methodologies such as design thinking, ideation, etc.
  • Management and organization
  • Leadership and change
  • Motivation, mindfulness and personal growth
  • Innovation and design thinking
  • Communication, story-telling and pitching

You will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of strategy development, communication and implementation processes
  • Reflect personal motivation, potential and leadership preferences
  • Sharpen business acumen where necessary (individualized basis)
  • Graduate from the curriculum with a mastery of ambidextrous leadership

Who will benefit

  • Executive talent with creative background, now also charged with larger leadership role
  • Mid-level creative/product management with both strategic and operational responsibility

What you can expect

  • 2 modules over 1 year
  • Workshops
  • Peer coaching