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Bertelsmann Learning Days 2023

Bertelsmann University will hold its virtual “Bertelsmann Learning Days 2023” for Bertelsmann Employees on April 24-26. The three-day event in English offers participants the opportunity to learn more about Bertelsmann University’s programs and initiatives and have an exchange about workforce transformation at Bertelsmann. 

Global megatrends and crises present constant, ongoing challenges for businesses. In order to be prepared for this challenging future, measuring and building mission-critical skills and a future-proof leadership culture is a need. During the “Learning Days”, initiatives and programs for Bertelsmann employees will be presented through keynotes, workshops or updates that are designed to prepare experts as well as executives for such challenges. 

Each day focuses on a content-related theme.
The first day is essentially about the key initiatives of the department. It will deal, among other issues, with learning culture and the “YOUR Growth Booster”.

Steven Moran, Chief Learning Officer of Bertelsmann, will present the keynote address on “Workforce Transformation at Bertelsmann” on the first day, focusing on the key initiatives of the department.
In his keynote he presents how Bertelsmann actively prepares its workforce through learning opportunities and leadership development for the challenges of the future. Furthermore, he discovers how Bertelsmann is addressing capability management as well as a culture of learning that fosters growth and development across the organization.


On the second day of the event, Beatrice de Surmont, Executive Vice President Talent Management, and Martina Mönninghoff, Senior Vice President Bertelsmann University, will offer insights into ideas of the “Future-Proof Leadership” working group of the “Human Resources Committee”.

Additionally, various programs will be introduced to prepare professionals and leaders for a wide range of future challenges. They include the talent pools “CHROME”, “Team 2030”, and the “Career Development Pool” at Bertelsmann.


The “Tech & Data Development Program” will be presented on the third day, as well as the “Preparing for Opportunities” program in INSEAD and the “Managing Strategy for Actions” program at Harvard University, among other programs.
After watching presentations on so many different programs and activities in the field of workforce transformation, participants will have the opportunity to network at the "Bar Camp".


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